Revised English Bible 'w/Apocrypha' 1989

I have been reading this translation for a time and am generally pleased with it. I would prefer slightly loftier language, but it is not bad. Although English in origin, it is an easy read for North Americans. It was translated by all major denominations in the UK, in cooperation with the Catholic Churches in England, Scotland and Ireland. The goal was to update the older 1970 version with the formidable task of expunging as much denominational bias from it as possible. The Deuterocanonical books are placed between the OT and NT - which is OK with me, as I consider them “anticipatory” of Christ. I do wish for a true Catholic edition, however.

“Catholic” verses are rendered quite well, with Mary being “most favoured one”, Paul forgiving sins “being the representative of Christ”, Paul urging us to “hold fast to the traditions” and so on. 1 & 2 Esdras are included, but are not in the Catholic or Protestant canons. I have an Oxford Study Edition, but will carefully wade through the secular/non-Catholic opinions in those pages.

Still, I have been giving the basic bibles to others, as they are usable by all Christians. Even better, Oxford seems to have produced millions of them, and they can be found near new for $4-$5 at Amazon, eBay, ThriftBooks, etc.

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