*REVISED* Incense Frequency poll

Preferred Incence Frequency?

  • All Masses celebrated at your parish
  • All Sunday Masses
  • One designated Sunday Mass
  • Once per month
  • Only on High Holy Days (Aka Christmas and Easter)
  • Never
  • At Priest’s Discretion
  • Other (Please respond and specify :))

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The way my abbey does it: Mass, solemnities and major feasts.

all Masses?

I meant Sunday Mass and also Mass on Solemnities and major feasts. Not during ordinary weekdays or memorials or minor feasts. Also at Lauds and Vespers on those days.

There is no official liturgical distinction between “minor” and “major” feasts, it’s an internal practice of the abbey.

oh okay. What order are you a mamber of?

I am a Benedictine secular oblate.

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My church doesn’t use it at all.

I wish they used it all the time.


I’m not sure about all the time. The liturgy calls for a graduation of solemnity from ordinary days to solemnities of our Lord, to mark the special character of each occasion. Having incense at all occasions would, IMHO, blur the borders between each level of solemnity. The same with other means of marking the occasion, be it the organ, vestments or chant.

That said I am in favour if it being used at all times at appropriate occasions (Sundays, feasts, solemnities), of course taking into consideration allergies and such. At the abbey, they do not do this because the conventual Mass is for the monastic community and not the faithful. The faithful may attend if they wish but the liturgy is geared towards the sacramental needs of the monks, not those from outside the monastery. A parish Mass is different, it is oriented towards fulfilling the sacramental needs of the parishioners and thus needs to take into consideration things like allergies, etc.


Every Mass on Sunday, a Solemnity, and ‘big’ feasts (e.g. Candlemass), at Exposition and Benediction, and at Solemn Evensong in the parish I attend. Lots of it too!

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What is solemn evensong? is that part of the liturgy of hours or…

Many parishes around me rarely use it. It’s kinda sad given the importance and beauty of it.

Book of Common Prayer/Ordinariate Office of the evening - vespers - (the traditional Evensong that most know will contain the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, often concluding with Benediction and the Salve Regina).

If Compline is to be said later the Nunc Dimittis is replaced with another canticle and the Salve Regina is omitted or replaced by the Angelus (depending on local custom).

Hos big is the attendance? it’s awesome that you have public LoH at your parish

Not really a frequent occurrence at current parish (only a handful who turn up for it at those times) but in other places where it’s frequently sung it’s often well attended, especially if the music is good.

That’s amazing! I wish my parish did that haha

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I had a parish in my old city where the pastor was a former Episcopalian priest. He loved his incense! And I loved it, too. :slight_smile: It was a poor parish, and there were probably fifteen parishes within a 30-minute drive of it, but that place was always packed. It was a really thriving community, and I was happy to see it.

My current parish is small, poor, and rural. I’ve seen the (censer? thurible?) hanging by the sacristy door, but I’m not sure when was the last time I saw it used, and I’ve been here for 11 years. :frowning:

More churches need a little something like this one: :stuck_out_tongue:


The botafumento is crazyyyyy haha it has its own special corps of altar servers just to take care of it

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I would like All Sundays, Solemnities and Holy Days. My Parish it is C&E only.

I have some at home which I burnt when the family were away.

I filled the house with smoke, it smelt beautiful and the smoke alarms didn’t go off.

One thing I would implement if a was a Catholic priest of the Roman Rite would be to use the thurible one-handed like many Eastern Catholic priests do. A thurible with somewhat shorter chains and small crotal bells. The Eastern method is far more efficient and elegant. Ever time I see incensing in the West, it seems slow and clumsy in comparison.

The bells exist simply to keep people focused on the incensing. There is one bell for every Apostle. One of the bells is silent, to depict Judas.

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