Revised Liturgy of the Hours?


I hope this is the correct forum. I suppose there is plenty of Sacred Scripture in the Liturgy of the Hours.

I am considering an upgrade from the single-volume Christian Prayer to the 4-Volume Liturgy of the Hours. However, the leather version that I want is pretty expensive at around $200. I have heard that a revision of the English version of the Liturgy is underway. I would hate to buy it now only to have it be superseded within a couple of years. Does anyone know the timeline for finalization of the revisions and, subsequently, for publication of revised volumes?



6 years would be a lightning pace. 8-10 is more reasonable.


Here is a good site for liturgy of the hours.


“2020 at the earliest” has been indicated in the USCCB site. Good information here.


I actually like the Christian Prayer Book better than the four volume set. It has just about all you need for TLOH’s. The “new version” ahs been in the works for years now. BTW, you can get the 4 volume set for less than $200. Also, you can get one volume at a time and they offer used volumes. too. Good luck with your search and decision.


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