Revision of English "Liturgy of the Hours" to begin

Among the many liturgical books affected by the implementation of the Roman Missal, Third Edition, none has generated more questions or interest than the Liturgy of the Hours. Numerous inquiries from clergy and religious have prompted the Committee on Divine Worship to begin to develop a plan to produce a revised edition of the Liturgy of the Hours (and related texts such as the one–volume Christian Prayer). This revision would incorporate updated and already–approved translations of many elements, including the Revised Grail Psalms and the orations of the Roman Missal, Third Edition, as well as new additions to the Proper of Saints, some of which still need to be translated and approved.

I received my first copy of Christian Prayer as a birthday gift in 2002, and I promptly lost it the next year. I purchased a new copy for Lent 2010 and vowed to keep praying it. I guess it will be a small investment to update with yet another purchase when the new one comes out. I personally can’t wait, especially for new propers!

In my heart I was hoping that the new, BETTER Mass would begin a positive chain reaction and it appears that this may be happening if the Liturgy of the Hours is to be revised. Perhaps there will be a renewed zeal for many things that are part of our Catholic identity, like nuns returning to wearing habits, better, more worshipful music at Mass, an interest in studying Latin in the colleges - who knows where it will lead! :clapping:

I was wondering if they were going to revise the LOTH. I love praying them, but at times I wish that the LOTH had as great of a revision as the Roman Missal did. :smiley:

Note that the Committee for Divine Worship has no timeline for this project. They are merely preparing to present an outline of the scope of the project and to seek permission to go forward. Approval, if granted, will come at the autumn plenary meeting of the USCCB.

Also, not to nitpick, but this will be a new, corrected translation rather than a revision.

Well, at least this is a start.

Like I’ve said before, the big pieces are already done. The Grail Psalms were recently revised in a 2nd edition. Many of the traditional hymns were recently translated and are included in the Mundelein Psalter. The scriptural readings are simply taken out of the Bible (that could be delayed depending on if they want to use the RNAB,RE or whatever it’s going to be called, which won’t be done soon. Of course, they could always use the RSV-CE instead or even the NRSV-CE), and the non-scriptural readings likely don’t need much work. The proper prayers are all done thanks to the revised Missal (although there’s still the closing prayers in the 4-week Psalter, which would need to be updated or else they’ll sound terrible next to the beautiful new ones).

Like I said, at least they’re doing something.

See post #9 :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Haha, that was a pretty good description of how the Vatican works.

Fear not; I am sure that this project will take many years to complete.


I pray it in French and Latin; so I guess it won’t have such an impact on my pocketbook… :wink:

Aussi, ce n’est que pour les États–Unis d’Amerique. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the Canadian bishops will also promulgate this forthcoming translation. It would be wonderful if all the English–speaking countries in the world had the same translation of the Liturgia Horarum.

Well currently the LOTH translation for Canada and the US is the same and we use the same books… for English at least (for French, we use the same as France, Belgium and Luxembourg I think, not sure about Switzerland.).

The Canadian English missal was revised at the same time as the US one and with the same translations but with some slight differences in the rubrics. The French one was also revised but the revision was minor. Other than the rubrics, only one translation item: at the end of the OT and epistle readings, “nous rendons grâce à Dieu” has replaced “nous rendons gloire à Dieu” to be more faithful to the latin “Deo gratias”.

I cannot stress enough how much I pray for this. It’s bad enough that the Anglophone world has at least three different lectionaries, and now we can’t even share a single LOTH. Insular, nationalistic tendencies need to be thrown out in acknowledgement that we are one Church. :mad:

I hope they finish this before my ordination to the deaconate (4 years) so I can simply just buy my first four volume as the new translation. I doubt that happen so I will probably just get the current translation before I get the new one.

I also be interested to see if they would require priests (excluding religious orders) to use the new translation. While I would def use the new translation I suspect there could be a handful of priests who wouldn’t want to cough up 100 bucks for a new translation.

You could always do the Office in Latin!

Wouldn’t this be an issue only for those who are under obligation to recite the LOTH in English?

The CCCB would have to promulgate this corrected translation.

There isn’t a different translation for the Québec dialect?


If you have an android or iphone (or ipod touch), you could always use the free ibreviary app. It’s also available for blackberry, and I think another platform as well…

getting iPhone in october when I have the next upgrade available. But even with that I still prefer the book over the tech, I don’t want to be in a bind because my phone isn’t charged or I have no service and I can’t pray the hours because of that. I plan to get the four volume set when I get to the theologate I just hope that I don’t get it and then one year later have to re buy it. Hopefully we will know the timeline a few years in advance so people in my situation can plan accordingly

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