Revival of Byzantine Empire?

Didnt know which category to put this but is it possible for there to be another Byzantine Empire? Or could the Catholic Church ever get back the power it had hundreds of years ago?

For one the Catholic Church wasn’t influential in the Byzantine Empire. The Emperors were at odds with the Pope which led to the West-East schism.

What about the Revival of the Papal States? As for that I don’t see that really being possible unless something terribly drastic akin to the fall of the Western Roman Empire that forced the Church to step in to fill the void and prevent total anarchy.

As a history lover I mourn the missed opportunity that was the HRE. If only the Pope and the HR Emperor could have had a better working relationship and understanding of mutual interest things could have been so much different.


Out of curiosity, what if a future Pope were to want to reestablish the Holy Roman Empire? Could he have the power to do so?

There was a chance to make a protectorate out of Constantinople/East Thrace at the end of the First World War. For whatever reasons that was lost to history and it’s all Turkey now. It’s not worth another war. And we know now that a clearer distinction of church and state is better for both.

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Sure! But the circumstances would have to be similar to Charlemagne’s. You would need a political leader who is powerful, influential, and a staunch ally of the church. If these requirements were met and the conditions were right I’m sure if a Pope desired he could theoretically grant the title of HR Emperor.

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That’s interesting! Didn’t know that! Why didn’t the proposal succeed? I can’t read the article. Wikipedia is blocked from me. :frowning_face:

A confluence of unfortunate events, including the communist revolution in Russia and the Turkish National Movement defeat of Greece. And I suppose, mostly lack of political will by the British and French, who were more focused on Palestine, Syria and Iraq.

Unless the Italian Republic were to fail – something no lover of Italy or Europe would want – the restoration of the Papal States could not be in the cards.

The Byzantine Empire would be even less likely to be reconstituted, as that would involve the merger of several independent countries.


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The last time that could have happened was in 1919 with the greco turkish war after ww1 greece right now is no position and we’ll i don’t think it would be for centuries to reclaim Anatolia much less establish an empire

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Based on what the greek army was doing …it would be a payback for the Turkish genodice and persecution of the Greeks as when they invaded they also targeted the turks for ethnic cleansing in world where ataturk dies and greece wins I expect a turkish genodice on the scale of the armenian one

The hre and the papacy where really only in favorable terms early on and even charlegmane himself had conflicts with the pope in a world where the hre remained powerfull rather than an anarchic mess would be a world where the papacy was an imperial puppet

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