Reviving a Tradition

Here is an excellent article about the Papal Mass in Vienna held on September 9, where the Pope revived the musical tradition of a great polyphonic Mass that hasn’t been held since 1985, and before that, 1963.

From the article, His Holiness pope Benedict XVI stated:

"It was a particularly beautiful experience this morning to celebrate the Lord’s Day with all of you in such a dignified and solemn manner, in the magnificent cathedral of Saint Stephen. The celebration of the Eucharist, carried out with due dignity, helps us to realize the immense grandeur of God’s gift to us in the Holy Mass, and fills us with deep joy. It is precisely in this way that we draw near to each other as well, and experience the joy of God. So I thank all those who, by their active contribution to the preparation of the liturgy or by their recollected participation in the sacred mysteries, created an atmosphere in which we truly felt God’s presence.

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