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Has anyone seen this show “One Punk Under God” by Jay Baker, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker’s son.

Revolution Church

He has started a few churches for people who don;t like church. With my past I can really identify with his intent although I disagree with it. The tough part is that his new churches main message is one of forgiveness and acceptance. Homosexuality is not seen as a sin in the eyes of his church. I have been trying to explain to my wife how this does not “jive” with christian teaching. She is agnostic and seeing this show has made her more friendly towards Christianity, but because of falsehoods. I don’t know how I should feel about this because my becoming Catholic was not a popular decision, and still is not, especially on the birth control subject. I want her to warm up to Jesus and its nice to see it even if it is in this form, not really sure what I should do. She knows I disagree with his stance but I did admit that I understood what he was doing and thought the intent was admirable even though I completely disagreed with his conclusion.


If this “new church” is warming your wife’s heart to Jesus, then that is a Good thing. God can and does use many different ways and people to get His message across.

Walk with your wife on her faith journey. Take things slow with her fore she will be confused, going from the agnostic mind set to Christian belief can be a scarry thing. Answer all her questions if she asks, and when a False Christian doctrine is taught, point out the truth to her in a loving and supportive way. BE PATIENT with her, only the Holy Spirit can change hearts and He will use what ever means works best.

I was an Atheist, went to Southern Baptist church for my 10 year old’s SECOND baptism, and the Blessed Mother “spoke” to my heart and lead me straight to her Son, Jesus Christ in HIS church. I have been a Catholic Chirstian for almost 4 years now. Much to the disapointment of the Baptist preacher who baptised my son.:rolleyes:

Be patient, be supportive and above all, every false doctrine that this church teaches, show you wife the truth and PRAY PRAY PRAY to the Holy Spirit for guidence.

God Bless you and your wife.


I agree with love4mary. From what you write, it appears that your wife is already following your lead. Probably the very best way to approach this is to allow her to find her own way through the various errors, while showing her through your own behaviors (rather than your preachings) how a Christian, and specifically a Catholic, husband behaves.

There are many heretical sects out there, and many of them have a glitzy TV presence. I’ll bet most converts to the Catholic faith have followed a rather convoluted route to their conversions. I sure did! And even within the conversion, there are still issues to work out. It is a process. She is in her process, as you are in yours. So best to allow her the room to have her process without a lot of heavy input from you in the early going. Let her fall in love with Jesus first. The rest will follow naturally. I wouldn’t worry too much that she will get hooked up into a cult or sect. She will most likely follow your lead, though she may detour this way and that as she goes.

I am praying for your situation, and the unification of your family under the leadership of Jesus through the Church that He established.


thank you very much, god bless


Be patient. Embark on an exploration of Catholic teaching with her. In time, she will understand. Truth does not need laser lights, cool music, nor fancy preaching. Truth merely needs exposure.

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