Reward to Kill Christians-Persecution on the Rise!

**REWARD TO KILL CHRISTIANS IN INDIA **- Hindu groups are offering money, food and alcohol to mobs to kill Christians and destroy their homes. Christian aid workers in the state of Orissa have reported the crimes to the news media. The going rate to kill a pastor is $150. Read more:

Persecution in this country is on the rise as well. With new legislation like the Fairness Doctrine and other bills that would censor God’s word in the pulpit and cause Christians to no longer evangelize for fear of being punished by the politically correct crowd.

Not sure how to express this. But sometimes I think that God’s word is already being censored in the pulpit. I keep wondering why I don’t hear the word “Transubstantiation” from the pulpit when it is the heartbeat of Catholicism.

Maybe if we really understood the complete meaning of the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, we would have the courage to oppose attempts such as you describe.

In addition to India, persecution is going on in Africa. At the International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, this past June,
I met a young African who was asking for prayers because of what he would face when he returned home. He said that the Irish priests had already been murdered and he was in serious trouble with the local government because he spoke out on a Catholic issue.

Think about this. Here is a young man who travels miles to the Eucharistic Congress and then has the courage to return home to face possible martyrdom.

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