RFID Mark of the Beast, micro chip implants

Some people say RFID is the mark of the beast. Should we really deny getting the RFID micro chip implants and those who will implant it will really kill us we don’t allow it? It makes me want to be converted into a protestant(since I believe more in protestanism). What should I do? It’s disturbing.


What does this have to do with being/not being a Protestant? You think Catholics are going to be forced to get some RFID chip implanted? I’m totally confused.

Are you referring to the left behind series of books?

I would never get the RFID chip. period. I don’t know what that has to do with Catholicism vs. Protestantism though.

I’m with Juliane – what on earth do rfid chips have to do with being Catholic or Protestant?

The seem to be whole branches of Protestantism - particularly those who fund radio programs late at night - devoted to conspiracy theories and the alleged " mark of the beast." Internet search will show you that the whole “mark” / 666 thing has variously pointed to bar codes on food, the Post Office logo, the supposed (and incorrect) title of the Pope, the Trinitarian symbol that’s on the cover of some bibles-- almost anything. RFID chips may indeed raise valid personal privacy questions, but you will not find Catholic teaching obsessed with this the ways number of “radio preachers” are. If you are listening to those who are trying to gin up fear based on such things, I suggest that you are not hearing the true Word of God.

You understand my whole Protestant thing. So how’s the Catholic’s view on this. BTW, my family are faithful Catholics though they only complete masses around once or none for years.

Respectfully, faithful Catholics and only going to Mass once or twice for years are not compatible statements.

Cultural Catholics who wouldn’t think of going to any church but the Catholic Church is probably a more accurate term.

Our focus isn’t on the devil, rather it is on God, God’s love and goodness, and I would believe that this is also the focus of many Protestants, especially mainline Protestants.
Jesus spoke time and time again about love, loving God, loving others,
He didn’t go on about ‘the mark of the beast’. No do we Catholics. It is a human error to focus on negative things rather than on the love and goodness of God and instead of focusing on practical kindness to others.

If you wish to know what the Catholic Church teaches,


God bless you. :slight_smile:

I avoid those type of books like the plague.

Thanks for the link. I may show it to my family too.

There a video too from youtube, but it seems to be missing now. There’s two men in the Surigao(province) Philippines saying, they are being forced to be chipped, so people lock their houses but if your house got steel bars, you can get safe. If you don’t allow the chip to be implanted, you will be killed. When you got implanted, you can buy anything you want, but they will also put 666 tattoo like in your forehead, when you get chipped, you will be mind controlled and do evil and you might kill a person.

Too bad I can’t show it. We may need to focus on God’s love but don’t we need to be alert on apocalyptical things? In order not to succumb to satan?

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