Rhoda Wise??

Did anyone hear of her? I just read that she might be beautified, She is a mystic from the 1940s who cured Mother Angelica.

I only read about her because another CAF member had a link about her near her signature.
You can google her and find more about her. There is a website too.


I only heard of her through another CAF member that had this link near her signature. A very interesting woman.

I grew up about a mile from where she lived. Her house has been made into a shrine. As a kid some 60+ years ago, all I ever heard about her was that “strange things” happened there and we should probably stay away. I moved away and only recently learned more about her. I think someone posted a link about here on CAF or maybe it came up on Google.

I just checked a Wikepedia article and saw that she died before I was even in grade school which may be why I never heard more about her in those days.

By the way, the monastery in Canton, Ohio where Mother Angelica lived as a young nun still exists and I sometimes attend Sunday Mass there when I’m back in town visiting family.


Wow that is so interesting!!! I guess it would seem rather strange at the time! I am usually wary of modern mystics not official in the church but the fact that she was associated with Mother Angelica made me want to look into her-and that she might be beautified.

I’m excited for Rhoda. Her story is amazing. By the way, it’s “beatified” not “beautified.” The former is when you are declared “Blessed.” The latter is when you get your hair and nails done. :smiley:

If she is canonized; her house which still stands in Canton; could become a Church-sanctioned shrine.

I first heard about her through reading Raymond Arroyo’s biography on Mother Angelica. She’s covered pretty well in the early chapters, and there are some old photos too. She had an unusual life. Her experience was certainly not in the realm of my experience, but it was interesting to read about. I wonder if her cause for canonization will catch fire or languish. A lot of people who are declared “Servant of God” never make it past that stage in the process.

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