Rhode Island is third state to allow sale of medical marijuana

New Mexico, California and now RI allow the licensing of nonprofit producers of marijuana and sale of marijuana at “compassion centers”. Republican Governor Carceiri vetoed the bill but the democrat assembly overrode his veto.

Approximately 13 states have passed medical marijuana laws but not the selling of marijuana.

Many in the democratic party want marijuana to be a product for sale so that the government can tax it fully like cigarettes, get a new revenue income and become the profitable drug lord.

Liberal New England strikes again.:whacky:


Thank you for posting this; i had not heard it anywhere else.

This is how it happens, the slow rationalization of sin. It’s very interesting to see the course satan is taking. Gets his foot in the door first with one state and then another. Then another. This is how satan takes over a country or a world for that matter. It’s also the same strategy he uses when trying to get others to sin on an individual level. First the person rationalizes something which leads to something else. All starts off innocently enough until it builds into a full-fledged sin.

This is the proof i use for myself to affirm we truly are all one body.

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This is why I like the Catholic Answers news section because most articles posted here are never talked about by the main street media.

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