Rhode Island parish priest puts out list of pro-abortion legislators, says they can't receive communion. Legislator named strikes out against him

It’s not about going to confession. Unless he publicly repudiates his public sin, he cannot publicly receive communion. He can go to confession and receive absolution, but his firm amendment of life (and part of his penance) is going to have to include repairing the public damage he did to the faith. When he does that, he may receive publicly. The church cannot allow wanton public sinners to receive communion. That’s scandalous, not merciful.


Are you arguing against what I said? Are you actually reading and understanding anything I said???

I disagree with the priest.

Abortion only destroys the physical body of the victim, whereas sexual battery of a child destroys that victim’s soul (aka “walking dead”) and potentially, the victim’s body as well.

Which is worse, to murder a body or murder a soul? IDK, both are wrong, but in Christianity, if the immortal soul is dead, the individual has an eternity of problems.

The scandal that exists is the priest refusing Biden Holy Communion.

This comes at a time when the Church is struggling to get out of the sexual abuse crisis and other scandals the clergy has brought on us. We just lost our priest to a financial scandal and are now waiting for his replacement, if that comes instead of closing the parish all together. To the outside world looking at the act of refusing a politician like Biden Holy Communion, makes the Church look hypocritical.

This is the real scandal, as it drives people away from Christ and toward atheism and other religious practices which are sometimes demonic.

Not true for he was never publicly excommunicated by the Church.

Prohibiting people from being witnesses to marriage is, in my experience, a novelty and I don’t see how that would be justified in/by the law.


Scandal, as the church uses the term, “is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil.” A priest refusing communion to someone who has publicly supported evil really doesn’t seem like an action that will lead someone else to commit a sin. The priest’s action cannot reasonably be termed scandalous.


Making this scandal leads people away from Christ and the Church, just as the definition you provided.

Had the priest not refused Biden Holy Communion, we wouldn’t be arguing about in this forum. You can only imagine how those outside the Church view it.

The scandal is that very prominent political or cultural figures who profess to be Catholic publicly support actions which no Catholic should support. That provides a bad example for other Catholics to follow which leads them away from the truth.


No, you are misusing the word. If scandal meant doing something that led people away from the church that would mean supporting the church’s teaching on sexual issues was scandalous, as surely any number of people have left the church because of those particular doctrines.

It cannot be scandalous to proclaim a truth, to follow doctrines. or to enforce the laws of the church.

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Keeping people away from Christ and his Church will keep people from receiving the transforming grace from Christ, which will transform
their lives.

Religion which doesn’t transform a person toward union with Christ, is useless religion

If by “keeping people away” you mean by denying them communion then your interpretation directly contradicts what the church teaches, which is in fact that not everyone may receive. If by keeping them away you mean that they will be disinclined to join a church that acts according to its beliefs then I think you have it backwards.

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Yes. It is often forgotten that women are frequently pressured into abortions by men. They are not being given a choice but deprived of it.


I never at any point argued that those who have been outvoted ought to be held accountable for the outcome if they never voted for the evil thing to pass.

An unbaptised victim, first of all. For sure, we trust in God’s mercy for that child, but the fact remains that they were never baptised.

This is part of the reason why things like that discredited “limbo” theory stayed popular for so long.

The Church is told to be in the world, but not of the world. We are also told that we will be hated by the world for following God’s teachings.

The Church has to stand for what is right irrespective of where that puts the Church in the collective mind of the world.

Don’t take what I am about to say the wrong way, but…

I know what you mean to say here, but (technically) people in such a situation still have a choice. Recall:

“Susanna sighed, and said: I am hemmed in on every side: for if I do this thing, it is death to me: and if I do it not, I shall not escape your hands. But it is better for me to fall into your hands without doing it, than to sin in the sight of the Lord.”

Daniel 13:22-23

With that said, no reasonable person would hold it against a woman, who confessing to such having happened, did something like that under that kind of extreme duress. We would simply ask for her to go to confession, repent, and (ideally) be a voice standing for life in the future.

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How on Earth is that scandalous?

People who are not in a state of grace do not have the right to receive the Eucharist in their current state. Refusing such a person the Eucharist communicates to others that you are entitled to the Eucharist irrespective of your own actions. You can, in fact, be unworthy to receive (to use St. Paul’s words).

So we better make sure to throw off those stuffy rules, and lighten up, right?

We better do what has been shown time and time again does not actually draw people back to the faith in the same way that sticking to Church teaching does.

What was it that Einstein said was his personal definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Watering down the faith does not make it prosper. It does the very opposite, because it communicates to younger generations that the Church is not serious about its own teachings.

We live in a VERY irreverent and imprudent age, and the last thing that we need is more imprudence (which,in this particular case, creates much opportunity for irreverence).


Some bad apples does not a Church make.

The fact that a small percentage of Catholic clerics did vile things does not then mean that the Church is not allowed to stand by its teachings.

I suppose police officers who arrest people are hypocrites too. After all, there are a small percentage of them who are wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Better make sure that they don’t enforce the law, because who are they to do what they cannot themselves live by?

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I certainly don’t take it the wrong way and you are absolutely correct.

I should have said “ they are being given little choice”

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It is called a baptism of blood.
I believe it pertains to this.

People who are not in a state of grace do not have the right to receive the Eucharist in their current state. Refusing such a person the Eucharist communicates to others that you are entitled to the Eucharist irrespective of your own actions. You can, in fact, be unworthy to receive (to use St. Paul’s words).

No one other than the individual themself, has the right to determine whether a person is in a state of grace or not. Communion can only be withheld from a person who is excommunicated, by the Church, or is known by the priest to be in a grave state of sin. As far as we know, Biden is a stranger to this priest.

Even a woman who has an abortion is excommunicated, latae sententiae which is not public and can be lifted by the person going to confession.

Biden was not excommunicated and should have been allowed receive Holy Communion, as his Bishop has not prohibited him from doing so.

The scandal is the result of the priest refusing Biden communion which then became a public scandal, which doesn’t present the Church in a positive light, but a negative light.

Not necessarily just “by men”…

This WRONG is what young boys AND girls have been taught is their RIGHT to do, in schools and upheld by the law. Some councilors, teachers, and doctors have been peddling these unGodly wares for decades.

Peer pressure and family could be influential to the way too young in these matters, as well. Remember, these are things that are technically not for adults either, being recommended to children. And we’re ALL supporting these things with our tax dollars, which means we do all have a say.

I think you did not notice that I said “frequently”

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