Rhode Island parish priest puts out list of pro-abortion legislators, says they can't receive communion. Legislator named strikes out against him

But the holy innocents were killed for the persecution of Christ; they are, indirectly, martyrs. Most aborted babies nowadays don’t die for that.

And I am not saying aborted babies don’t go to Heaven, just that they don’t receive a Baptism of Blood.

These sound like Clinton’s evasions about what the definition of “is” is. If we’re not prepared to say that repeated, public support for the idea that it is a woman’s right to abort her child is not sinful then we have simply abandoned the concept of sin, and of personal responsibility.


There is of course the issue of scandal, and I think that has probably been well enough covered that I don’t think I can add anything to it, but I would just say this: the priest is doing those legislators green-lighting various forms of abortion a big favor by keeping them from getting themselves in any deeper. This is their chance to cease what they are doing and repent. The more they continue on their present course of action, the more they condemn themselves, and by condemn themselves I don’t mean they condemn themselves in the eyes of the public . . .

No Sup(ernatural Being) for YOU! *

  • 'til your conversion.
    Ya can’t be born again and keep others from being born in the first place.

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