"Rhodesia’s Dead — but White Supremacists Have Given It New Life Online"

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The focus on the most militant racism reduces the visibility of the most common racism.

Pay no attention to statements such as

  • “The [--------------] do not share our language, and I love my brothers and sisters (that are Black), BUT […].”
  • The word Thug has basically replaced the N-Word in the modern America.

People should think better before trashing Rhodesia. The native population lived in general much better in that time. It was an stable fairly rich country, not like the comparatively mess that is Zimbabwe today.

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I think at the end of the day, the mother trying to feed her children is more concerned about having money to buy some food than the color of the politicians running the bureaucracy inside the palaces.

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“White Supremacy” appears to be the latest Clarion Cry - from the apex of genuine Racism?

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This is a link to a website for those interested in the history of Rhodesia.

Those who coined and peddle the Extreme Racist PC Label “White Supremacy” ARE the RACISTS!

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