RI closer to changing state name over slavery

"PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The country’s smallest state has the longest official name: “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.”

A push to drop “Providence Plantations” from that name advanced farther than ever on Thursday when House lawmakers voted 70-3 to let residents decide whether their home should simply be called the “State of Rhode Island.” It’s an encouraging sign for those who believe the formal name conjures up images of slavery, while opponents argue it’s an unnecessary rewriting of history that ignores Rhode Island’s tradition of religious liberty and tolerance. The bill permitting a statewide referendum on the issue next year now heads to the state Senate. It’s high time for us to recognize that slavery happened on plantations in Rhode Island and decide that we don’t want that chapter of our history to be a proud part of our name," said Rep. Joseph Almeida, an African-American lawmaker who sponsored the bill."


the first step in denying rights to whole classes of persons and to denying that the injustices perpetrated against them actually happened, is to deny the history of the people and the system that incorporated those abuses. Changing history changes the story and within a generation if such a change is allowed to take place, Rhode Islanders will be able to deny that slavery ever existed in her past.

The word “plantation” just means “farm” anyway. Crops.

Whether the crops are tended by slaves or free people, it makes no difference at all.

A plantation is a plantation, either way.

(some slaves worked in fields. Others were domestics, working in houses. Should we eradicate the word “house”?)

Oh, plantation can have more than one meaning as in Ulster Plantation:

The Plantation of Ulster (Irish: Plandáil Uladh) was the organised colonisation (or plantation) of Ulster by people from Britain. Private plantation by wealthy landowners began in 1606,[1] while official plantation controlled by the monarchy began in 1609. All land owned by Irish chieftains the Ó Neills and Ó Donnells (along with those of their supporters) were confiscated and used to settle the colonists. This land comprised an estimated half a million acres (4,000 km²) in the counties Tyrconnell, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Cavan, Coleraine and Armagh (wasteland, woodland and bogland were uncounted).[2] Most of the counties Antrim and Down were privately colonised.[1]

The “British tenants”,[3] a term applied to the colonists,[4] were mostly from Scotland and England. They were required to be English-speaking and Protestant.[5] The Scottish colonists were mostly Presbyterian[6] and the English mostly ‘persecuted’ Dissenters.[7] The Plantation of Ulster was the biggest and most successful of the Plantations of Ireland. Ulster was colonised so as to prevent further rebellion, as over the preceding century, it had proven to be the region most resistant to English control.

I don’t know any RI history but maybe Providence Plantations refers to this type of clearing out the barbarous natives and “planting” good Christians?

Changing the State’s name would be merely a political affectation on the part of politicians with new found power and too much free time.

Also it would save taxpayers’ money on printing costs…letterhead and envelopes!

I hardly think that changing the state’s name is a step toward denying rights to whole classes of persons (which classes?), nor that changing the name changes history. Can residents of say Georgia claim there was no slavery there because the word plantations does not appear in the state name?

Having said that, Rhode Island’s long name is a bit pretentious and silly, but it would be even sillier to change it at this point.

Actually the change would cost more money, in printing cost to change the letterheads, public signage cost, etc…, not to mention all the time and money wasted even discussing the idea… more PC, that is more Poor Citizens because of wasted tax dollars by acts of stupidity :confused: Until now I didn’t even know plantation was part of the state’s official name and I figure most other people didn’t know either-didn’t care before and I would assume most people don’t care now…:shrug: well I guess they make up for it by reducing the number of people which receive food stamps in RI:rolleyes:

Most people in RI know. The initial change would be costly. Plantations does mean farms most of the major roads in RI or at least the ones in Warwick were paved routes that the cows made. I say if one wants to be really pc maybe they should close down Brown University :rolleyes:. Sorry to read that neither do you know nor do you care. I do hope Rhode Islanders care and they take the time to learn the history of RI…and if they do, they will vote against the change of name. Just in case you didn’t know nor care about this here is a little bit of history-food for your brain… If you value your freedom to practice religion in the US…that freedom stems directly from RI. :cool:

Very well said.

I would imagine people in Rhode Island supporting the change won’t care about the costs. Liberals tend not to care about how they spend other people’s money.

You’re absolutely right. This state is so small that it was easily taken over by people who want what someone else earns. The dirty little secret is that a state can’t chain earners to a tree and eventually there will be fewer of them to shake down. You can make this case nationally now actually.

I never knew it had an official name other than Rhode Island. :shrug:

This is very well stated.:slight_smile: My intent as to not caring, was to the idea of “image” control from the misguided of RI (those that are pushing for the name change) to the rest of the country which are not concerned about a problem that doesn’t exist in need of changing.

Of course I understand the importance RI to the concept of religous freedom, and those in RI do need to stand up and say “no” to such stupidity in wasted time, effort, and money. My prayers are for those that are standing up to the stupidity of such a PC ill conceived action. History is to learn from, not hide from…


What’s next on the agenda, maybe “Plymouth Plantation”?

Could Providence have been named after the the Providence of G_d?

And a vote of 70 to 3 - it just again show how crazy New England is.

California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut…are all dropping in population because they think they can raise taxes and people will just stay there and pay it. I live in Texas, where we have no state income tax…we are gaining in population. If I were governor here, I would advertise our lower cost of living on billboards in those states.

Libs just don’t get it.

I’m not going to delve into them since it’s off topic, but there are a number of other reasons that Texas is gaining residents, and I think the income tax situation is pretty low on the list of reasons. A truer test would be to compare states without income taxes with similar states that do have them.

Political correction run amok.

perhaps, but it is a fair statement to say that high income taxes is a reason people are leaving the states I mentioned.

RI will be among them too…continually spending tax dollars on things that don’t really matter.

Changing the official name of the state may not matter to you, but apparently it matters to quite a few people since legislators have been trying to make the change for years.

It seems most of the concern in this thread centers on the cost to change the letterhead of government stationery. Does anyone happen to know what that cost would be?

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