(RIBBON QUESTION)Christian Prayers The liturgy of the Hours

Good Evening everyone,
I have the Christian prayer The Liturgy of the Hours Book finally
I also received ribbons,(My book did not have any)
I was wondering if someone could help me out on the Placements of the Ribbons?

Everything I found online is confusing,
My Ribbons are Red, Blue,Purple,Yellow Green
If you have the Book can you please tell me where to place them for Tomorrow. I feel once i am shown I can get it from there

What page to place Red


I use the following:

Green = Proper of Seasons (placed on the correct page for the day)
Purple = Invitatory (page 686)
Blue = The Four-Week Psalter (placed on the correct page for the day)
Yellow = Proper of Saints (placed on the correct page of the day)
Red = Commons (placed on the next common I expect to use - if not current day)

I also use a prayer card with the Act of Contrition to mark Night Prayer & another prayer card to mark the hymn I’m using.

Finally, I printed on a large white sticker following and placed them on the inside, front cover:

  • Psalm 95 (Inventory)
  • the opening of all other hours (aka God Come to my Assistance…)
  • and all of the conclusion prayers for each type of office

On the back cover, I printed on a large white sticker the following:

  • The Canticle of Zechariah
  • Canticle of Mary
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Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Okay. I do not know if this is correct for in the Morning (Friday)
Yellow Pg 536
Green 687
Blue 761
Purple 1053
Red 1148



Proper of Seasons = p 536
Invitatory = p 687
Four-Week Psalter = p 759 (you typed 761, but I think you meant the bottom of 759)
Proper of Saints = p 1148

Night Prayer = p 1052 (bottom of page 1052, you wrote 1053) << again, I like to use a prayer card for this one

You will also need to use p 1452 from the Commons if you pray the prayers for St. Isidore. So I have my last ribbon on page 1452 for tomorrow.

Here’s a day-to-day breakdown about where to go in Christian Prayer (and the 4-vol LOTH set) each day for MP & EP:

Thank you… I was close :slight_smile:

Thank you, I knew where readings were, was just wanting to know how to mark with ribbons for next reading :slight_smile:

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