Richard Dawkins: 'I am a secular Christian'


Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and scientist, has admitted that he is a “secular Christian” because he hankers after the nostalgia and traditions of the church.

Speaking at the Hay Festival, where he was presenting the first volume of his memoirs An Appetite For Wonder, the evolutionary biologist claimed that although he does not believe in the supernatural elements of the Christian church, he still values the ceremonial side of religion.

The author made the comments after being questioned by an American minister in the audience who claimed that he no longer believed in miracles or that Jesus was resurrected, but still considered himself a Christian and preached the teachings of Christ.


I honestly just thought hell had frozen over for the briefest second when I read the title of this post :blush:


It certainly does sound like Dawkins is becoming less hostile to Christians now that he’s older. Maybe someday he will convert, he still has some years left.


“Secular Christian”??? What kind of rubbish is that? That’s sort of like saying “salty sugar” or “peppery yoghurt.” :rolleyes:

Lots of people I’ve either known or heard of go for the pomp and pageantry of Catholicism: it’s the part that appeals to the flesh (we are after all both physical and aesthetic creatures), regardless of your spiritual convictions. Folks like the early Christians who worshipped in catacombs (or even the house churches) demonstrate what TRUE faith is all about: they assembled together to worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, for no other reason than to honor God, who is SPIRIT.


It’s not actually that strange a thing these days in Europe

Athiest Christians (Or secular) are a thing these days. They follow Christs teachings, but they do not belive him to be the son of God, or that there is an afterlife.


Well, one can hope and pray that he converts someday. I’d like to see him in Heaven someday. I’d like to see everyone in Heaven someday.

[quote=The Article]The author made the comments after being questioned by an American minister in the audience who claimed that he no longer believed in miracles or that Jesus was resurrected, but still considered himself a Christian and preached the teachings of Christ.

This does not make sense. How can one be a Christian without believing in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

[quote=The Holy Bible (Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition)]Now if Christ is preached as raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not been raised; if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain. We are even found to be misrepresenting God, because we testified of God that he raised Christ, whom he did not raise if it is true that the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised. If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.
(1 Corinthians 15:12-17 RSV-CE)


Do they really follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ or do they merely follow what they believe to be the true teachings of Jesus Christ.


Last time I heard about him he considered himself agnostic, now he is a secular Christian, Maybe after more prayers he will be a practicing Christian preferably Catholic. :thumbsup:


That would be awesome if he converted to Catholicism or even simply to non-Catholic Christianity. He would sure have an awesome testimony! :thumbsup:


Surely his attitude for ceremony without belief is the very genesis of Freemasonry. He should look for his closest lodge without embarrassing himself with such titles as a secular Christian when he does not even believe in God. Oh that’s right… Masons hold allegiance to the supreme architect, so Dawkie may be very lonely at his ceremonies to nothing.
Sad, aggressive little man with the mind of a musty walnut found unused at the back of the cupboard after a particularly bleak Christmas.


There’s certainly hope. I waged war on God for years. (somehow always knew where I’d end up though - it’s kind of a haunting. You know you believe in what you say you don’t believe ;)). The lukewarm ones are the ones you should be worried about, not people who are obsessed with Christianity or religion, even combatively. :cool:


Well, it’s a start. I remember when I entered high school his book was treated as a manifesto of sorts by my atheist friends. He seems to have softened his stance a bit.


I’m not sure how I feel about this.

On the one hand, this bodes well for the comfort and security of Christians in the Western World. Barring a miracle, I think it’s a forgone conclusion that the next few generations of Europeans and North Americans will have largely abandoned Christianity. Even today, most self-proclaimed Christians seemed to have traded the wisdom of the gospel for the ease and comfort of the modern world. Moreover, it seems like there is a tendency towards hostility to all things Christian. If we see people embracing “secular Christianity”, perhaps some of that hostility might be abated.

On the other hand, perhaps admitting secular Christianity is a sign that the Christian lion has no teeth. If hatred is a sign that Christianity is still influential and dangerous, then I would rather be hated.


Padre Pio once said something along the lines of “Don’t be afraid to as God for great things!.”

So my prayer is that one day, Richard Dawkins will become a great great saint!


But for Dawkins, its an improvement.

So they believe in the teachings of Christ except for half of the things he said, including his most important claim, or what his Church says.

Exactly. :thumbsup:

“Secular Christianity” is not a threat because its not Christianity at all. It’s just a flavor of secularism. Be sure that authentic Christianity is still very much opposed by those who follow secularism. As the mainstream self-destructive ideology “progresses” I think more and more people will be attracted to more than just the trappings of Christianity, but its authentic Catholic essence.


Uh, I feel hated - no problem there…are you proclaiming your faith consistently and openly enough? :wink: I am in America, but I’ve no doubt a serious Christian would encounter the same resistance in Europe; only problem is, finding them to proclaim…

(actually I know they’re over there, just a little scarce :slight_smile: )


I feel hated as well. But then again, I do have several Facebook pages and some of them are dedicated to controversial issues. I have occasionally received comments on my pages which were from trolls. Since they were clearly trolling and had no valid purpose in being on my page other than to troll, I quickly banned them.


Funny then since the Early Church Fathers/Early Christians were Catholic. The Catholic Church is Truth because it is the Church Christ created :slight_smile:


“Atheist Christians” reminds me of the Atheist Chaplains that are popping up. Instead of wearing Crosses, their symbol is a square circle.


Secular Christian? So he’s a layman? :wink:

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