Richard Dawkins: There’s nothing wrong with a little ‘mild pedophilia’

Regarding the priestly abuse scandals then rocking the Church in Ireland, Dawkins wrote, “Horrible as sexual abuse no doubt was, the damage was arguably less than the long-term psychological damage inflicted by bringing the child up Catholic in the first place.”

People actually think like this??

LifeSite strikes again with another flat out false headline.

Dawkins delivered a well-placed kick into Catholics’ collective groin, and LifeSite returned the favor.

maybe the whole thing cause him to be an atheist in the long run. Really, when one denies God, they open themselves up to all sorts of evil ideas. He isn’t consistent at all. it is abusive to be raised in a Catholic home but where is his condemnation of 9 year old girls being forced into marriages and being raped by their husbands which is what a certain “prophet” in a major religion did do.

In the article it quotes him specifically referencing that as one of the worst forms of child abuse anyone could ever do. Did you read it?

Dawkins compared pedophilia to rape. But they are BOTH horrible and have lasting psychological effects. By its very nature, there is no such thing as “mild” pedophilia.

This article is just wrong on so many different levels… :confused:
I’ve showed this article to some non-catholic people and they even agree.
Would you send a child to a school knowing they would be fondled by the local art teacher? I think not.
As someone said earlier, there is no “mild” pedophilia, it is still wrong no matter what you compare it to.

So what? Every intelligent person knows that Dawkins is nothing more than a bigoted publicity whore. Other than to blow off steam, why give him more publicity, especially on a Catholic web site?

my comparison is that the Catholic church does not promote child brides but Islam does but Dawkins as claimed that it is abusive for a child to be raised in a Catholic home. I am not sure how it is abusive when he says nothing about the problem of girl brides in Islam. And his sick idea that what happen to him with a pervert of an art teacher was ok but rape isn’t shows you the sick and twisted state of mind.

He said he only mentioned it to fellow classmates and his parents might not have been told since many children who are abused this way are afraid to come forward and report it. Look at that scandal at Penn state. It took years to have this stuff come out.

My mistake, I suppose you are quite right there! :smiley:
But then again, he said it had little psychological impact on him. :shrug:

Since you don’t seem to be able to read, let me quote the article for you:

“’Mild touching up’ is bad. Raping 8-year-old wife to death is worse…Quantitative judgment vs. black/white.”

If he wasn’t talking about child brides in Islam, which child brides is he talking about?

Could be Hindu, but they tend to marry child brides to child grooms and there is no sexual conduct between them at that stage, much less raping them to death. In fact, I’d say he was linking directly to a recent event in the news where a 8 year old was raped and died as a direct result, by her 40 year old husband in Yemen. So, actually he does say things about child brides in Islam.

I don’t like the man and I don’t like what he says, but lets at least be honest about it.

Religion is child abuse. We’ve heard the same thing from Chinese and Russian communist revolutionaries. It’s the staging platform to justify taking it out of the picture by force. “We’re not monsters. We’re doing what we’re doing because it’s the right thing to do.”


to this:

When it comes to anything that Dawkins has to say, consider the source! He is not worth discussing, nor any of his grossly distorted views. OTOH, pray for him.

Well, we all know that pedophilia has been going on since the big amoebas had their way with little amoebas.
Nothing new under the sun, right Richard? cough People actually take this hate-filled pagan seriously! Sheesh! :blush:

Eeewww! He obviously was more harmed by what was done to him than he even realizes. :frowning: For him to even think that way shows that he’s messed up in the head from what happened to him like Stockholm Syndrome where people bond with their abusers.

Not to defend Ditchens but I have noticed that many survivors try to label their experience as “not real abuse” or not so bad compared to “real abuse”.

As for “no lasting damage” – welllll. Again, it is probably more comforting and empowering to say “I came thru it okay” than to confront what happened.
Maybe it turned him against authority including the Ultimate Authority?

His comments are disgusting.

He appears to be a fan of Peter Singer’s ethics and infanticide too so I’m not surprised one bit. I mean this is so disgusting he’s pretty much defending “mild” pedophilia. Even the atheist community has been rejecting this dolt for a while though, but he has a lot of fanboys who keep him wealthy and famous.

Dawkins has repeatedly asserted that people who raise their kids Catholic should have Child Protective Services come and take those kids away. The idea is spreading as well. I’ve even heard a few stories about CPS actually being called because of it.

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