Richard Gere in hot water

Complaints Filed in India over Richard Gere Kiss

By Sara Hammel

Gere kissing Shetty Photo by: Sanjay Jha / Rex USA
Days after Richard Gere caused an uproar in India by kissing a Bollywood actress on the cheek, three lawyers have filed complaints against the actor.

The complaints, filed in Indian courts, target the Hoax star, 57, and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, 31, for their smooch during a public HIV-awareness event in New Delhi, a local news story said Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. (See the video below.)

Photos of the two embracing were published on front pages all over India on Monday, sparking protests in several cities within the country, where public displays of affection remain largely taboo. Crowds even burned effigies of Gere.


Edited to add:

This is where the saying “Know your audience”… rings very true.

Interesting. The actress has appeared on - and won - the UK version of ‘Big Brother’ - which is pretty tacky from the little of it that I’m aware of. And presumably, since Bollywood stars are huge celebrities, everyone in India kept up with her doings. And they object to a peck by Richard Gere? :rolleyes:

I think RC was rude. A peck on the cheek or a hug is great, but this is a romantic swoop-one that I am sure he is aware of is wrong, but did anyway. Look at the fuss Gore’s kiss made, and that was his wife!!

I think Richard went alittle bit overboard…one peck on the cheek or even the hand would be ok… but if you look at the Youtube video of it on the link I posted you can see the young lady was in a bit of shock. Plus, to have done this in India where public kissing is a big no no… I think it was a lapse in judgement on Richard’s part.

From the Spanish networks where I first saw this news (if you can call it “real news” :rolleyes:)…apparently if he ever returns to India he could face arrest and possibly 3 months in jail for public indecency.

Again I reiterate “Know your audience”… :wink:

God bless

He went too far, but I also think this outcry is from an ultra conservative group and not the opinion of SANE people.

Either way, his gesture was too over the top (for any country) and they need to lighten up as well.

I can’t believe it’s against the law in India to be a doofus. PDA’s are tacky, but against the law? I guess that’s why many jobs are going over there. They are serious…

Think of all the money the companies will save not having to do endless sexual harrassment seminars…:wink:

BTW, PPrimeau, I notice you’re from my home area- does your name indicate that you’re a hockey fan? And if so, Primeau? Grody. :eek:

Primeau happens to be my last name and I was only related to Keith Primeau when he was with the Red Wings. What I hear, he’s a 6’4’’ guy with a Napoleon complex.

I’m not much of a Sports fan. I played them, but never had the patience to follow them.

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