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On the front page of CA, Richeal Lucero starts an audio and states, “Welcome to CA where transforming others starts with transforming yourself”. This sounds self-helpish.

I believe this to be contrary to Catholic teaching. Catholics cooperate with God’s grace and allow God to do the transformation.


St Francis de Sales talks about how we must be gentle with ourselves before we can be gentle with others. It’s the meaning of the words in the Our Father, “forgive us as we forgive.” We cannot receive mercy if we are not open to it.

So while that formulation sounds like self-help, there’s nothing contrary to our tradition of a teaching.



I am not declaring her guilty of an offense. It is however misleading to me. Doing God’s will is the source of our help and healing from God.


And there’s nothing contrary to the will of God in that. Why must we assume the worst?

Federal Inteference

Why would we argue a bad point when we could correct the misguidance before taking a chance of misleading many?


I don’t see what’s misleading about it.


It’s misleading b/c it isn’t the fullness of truth.

If we are transformed by the power of God, how can we transform our self? We have no power over Satan by our self.

It is a half truth.


If you feel that strongly, take it up with Catholic Answers, not the forum.


Naah. I’ll keep it on the forum. I’d rather not use other methods.

Besides, it is important to discuss this.


We can’t change anything here, phone into CA


Within the context, the statement makes sense. Catholic Answers is an apostolate for helping to bring people to faith. In order to do that, we must first be transformed into people of faith. I’ve already told you how this isn’t a contradiction.

Bowing out now.



Nobody agrees with you. Also I hope you realise that edward_george1is a priest. You should be more respectful.


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