Rick Perry Said to Be Trump’s Top Candidate for Energy Secretary


Donald Trump has narrowed his search for energy secretary to four people, with former Texas Governor Rick Perry the leading candidate, said people familiar with the president-elect’s selection process.

Two Democratic senators from energy-producing states – Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia – are also in the mix, along with Ray Washburne, a Dallas investor and former chairman of the Republican National Committee.



praying the Holy Spirit will guide him to choose the best one for the job.


Great. Put him in charge of one of the agencies he wanted to get rid of.

I’m starting to see a trend.


I had hoped he would ride off into the sunset after leaving the gov’norship in Texas.



I guess that means more subsidies for death-causing (from local to global pollutions) fossil fuels and none for alt energy.


WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump plans to name Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, to lead the Energy Department, an agency far more devoted to national security and basic science than to the extraction of fossil fuels that is Mr. Perry’s expertise.

In choosing him to be secretary of energy, the president-elect is elevating him to a cabinet post that Mr. Perry once said he wanted to eliminate, a proposal that led to one of the most famous gaffes in recent presidential politics.


U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday formally announced Rick Perry, a former Texas governor and Trump’s one-time presidential rival, as his choice to lead the U.S. Department of Energy.

If the nomination is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, the move would put Perry in charge of a federal department that he had proposed eliminating during his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

In a statement from Trump’s transition team, the president-elect cited Perry’s tenure leading Texas, a leading oil-producing state and the nation’s second-most-populous one, from 2000 until 2015.

“Rick Perry created … a business climate that produced millions of new jobs and lower energy prices in his state, and he will bring that same approach to our entire country as secretary of energy,” Trump said in the statement.



I don’t think it’s such a bad choice. While I don’t know many particulars about Rick Perry, I find him likable for a politician and I’m glad to see him coming in from the cold.


Sounds like an awesome plan. I hope he dismantles this needless agency.


They also regulate nuclear waste. Unfortunately, if this isn’t regulated, it could be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


They don’t need an entire cabinet-level department to handle nuclear waste.


It’s not good that someone who failed sophomore organic chemistry will be the head of an agency to run the United States’ national laboratories.


Probably not. Just a truck driver who drives slow and carefully! :smiley:


I’m pretty sure the Defense Department used to handle it. They could easily do it again. They do, after all, have quite a bit of experience in dealing with nuclear materials.


Or how about the Bureau of Land Management, since a lot of it gets buried underground if I remember correctly?


Yes. And there’s quiet debate where to find new space.

Developing recycling technologies and other possible alternatives is something Rick Perry might start hearing more about.


Or the mafia, which also handles toxic waste. Only by the time they get to the waste site, there isn’t much left from when they started out.


He was my governor.

Believe me, he is NOT into anything that remotely sounds environmental.


Do you think local zoning regulations would allow that?


Yeah, he’d probably be so stupid and fall for a scam to thrown a billion dollars at Solyndra…oh wait…

He would be in charge of running a govt bureaucratic department. He would not be running laboratories.


If you disapprove of him, that sounds like a ringing endorsement to me.

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