Rick Pitino's troubles

I was shocked that he was catholic, yet paid for an abortion. I feel so sorry for these people.

Pitino scandal had roots in restaurant tryst
By WILL GRAVES, AP Sports Writer
33 minutes ago

Louisville, Ky. (AP)—The woman accused of trying to extort Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino approached him in a restaurant six years ago, and the two had sex later that night, the coach told police. Two weeks after they met, the married father of five gave her $3,000 after she said she needed an abortion and didn’t have health insurance.

Pitino told police he had been drinking at the restaurant and had consensual sex with Karen Sypher in August 2003 at a table near the bar. The police report said the 56-year-old coach denied Sypher’s allegations that he raped her after the restaurant closed and at another time somewhere else.

The university’s president expressed surprise at new details in the scandal surrounding the coach, whose contract includes dishonesty and “moral depravity” as grounds for firing.

A woman complains in 2009 about a rape which she says took place in 2003? What’s the statute of limitations in Kentucky?

I don’t think that this is so much a criminal case. It is more of an abortion case and if his morality clause in his contract should be used. Of course winning solves a lot of problems. Otherwise, I don’t think there is a real good case for rape, but there is one for extortion against the woman.

Hardly rape - I believe she married Pitino’s head trainer to be close to him (according to reports I read). Also - I believe Pitino is saying he gave the $3000 because she did not have health insurance.

Disgusting business.

The local prosecutor declined to charge Pitino with rape, citing lack of evidence.

That sounds reasonable to me.

The interesting thing for me is how this will affect recruiting. If you have a star basketball player for a child, and Rick Pitino comes around recruiting-do you let him come in and sit on your couch??

'LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Rick Pitino’s personal failings should be forgiven and he should remain as head basketball coach at the University of Louisville, some Catholics in Kentucky said Sunday.

Some anti-abortion groups have called for the state-supported, public university to fire Pitino because a woman with whom he admitted having extramarital sex had an abortion soon after.

But some attending Mass said the high-profile coach, who is Roman Catholic, should be given another chance.

Pitino’s moral shortcomings are between the coach and God, despite the Catholic church’s opposition to abortion, said a member of a Louisville church that Pitino has attended.

“I still think he’s a great man, he just put himself in a bad position and it’s a terrible blemish on his character,” said Arnold Brown, who attended an early Mass at St. Frances of Rome.

Brown, 69, said he is a University of Kentucky fan but he “loves Rick Pitino,” who coached Kentucky in the 1990s, leading the Wildcats to the national championship in 1996.

“I think he’s led a good life and been very charitable and kind,” Brown said.

St. Frances pastor B.J. Breen said Pitino “drops in” from time to time."


He should be given a second chance - provided he gets them into the Tournament this season. I wonder how forgiving they would be if he had a string of loosing seasons. I guess going 25-5 and making it to the Elite Eight gets you a great deal of good will in the bank.

I’m not a fan of Louisville (I don’t hate them either) - so whether or not Pitino stays as coach makes no difference to me. I just note that, typically - your win-loss record has a great deal to do with how forgiving the fans are with past discretions.

How does it stand with formal and material cooperation in this case?

I was a fan of Pitino until this happened.

What a disgrace; Ty Willingham, a true stand-up guy and moral leader, will probably never get another major head coaching job again, but Rick Pitino will stay at Louisville, and probably stay popular as long as he wins.

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