Rick Riordan's Mythology series Books - Anyone else a fan?

I gobbled up (as in read so fast I had to go buy the next book, etc) the first three Percy Jackson books in just a few short weeks, two years ago. Fourth one took me longer. Then the 5th one i read really fast (in like three days).

The Percy Jackson series is about a boy named Percy Jackson who finds out he is a demigod (half mortal, half greek god). He gets sent to train at a special camp called Camp Half Blood and goes on Hero quests. It really got me to research greek myths…I had known about Hercules and Medusa…but not much else.

Then there’s Mr Riordan’s Egyptian Mythology series, The Kane Chronicles. I didn’t know much about Egyptian Mythology…only a little about some of the pharaohs. Good series. There’s two books out, with one left, due out next May.

Then there’s his other Greek series, about new demigods and some old favorites. The 2nd one is published next week! I can’t wait…well, I can…my eBook is already pre-ordered.

So, anyone else a fan of these books? I like them so much more than Harry Potter…which after so much character death…I left the last three books unfinished and collecting dust on my bookcase…

I personally love them. My little brother does too, and he hardly reads anything. I like the fact that the main characters are heroes with learning disabilities, and that it is teaching classic mythology to kids while still leaving a window open for God.

I enjoyed them, as did my kids. My students read them quickly as well. Good books.

I just finished the first book. I can’t wait to read the rest. I was really disappointed by the film though. Yikes!

Blame Columbus, the director. After working with 11 year olds in Harry Potter, he did not want to do that again. It was his idea to have the characters aged older than they are in the books.

Yeah I read about that. What really bothered me though were the big changes he made - like having to quest for the pearls, rather than have them gifted by Poseidon. And of course the Luke thing and how they did that…and the omission of Kronos. It’s almost like it was a totally different story than the book. :frowning:

Just downloaded my preordered delivery of Son of Neptune!

Since they messed with the first one, I don’t have high hopes for the Sea of Monsters.

They’d better not make movies of Kane Chronicles…they can’t mess with the kids ages there. And if anyone has read The Red Pyramid…I think Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba could play Bast.

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