Rick Santelli on CNBC regarding budget compromise


CNBC’s Rick Santelli Goes Bonkers In On-Air Debate Over Debt Ceiling

Click on the link for the video.


The banner at the start of the CNBC segment reads “What’s the Deal?” And that’s a question some viewers may have asked by the end of the segment after watching CNBC’s Rick Santelli go very nearly grandma-punching crazy in a segment about spending and the debt ceiling. “I don’t believe in compromise on spending,” Santelli shouted. “There’s no compromise. Stop spending.” And from there it got weirder. Referring to a comment from Warren Buffet about the debt ceiling negotiations referring to the negotiations as a game of Russian roulette, Santelli said “there’s a bullet in the gun. If we keep spending, for sure we’re going to hit something and it’s going to bleed!

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