Rick Warren and Saddleback


Since there is a thread on Joel Osteen, I would like some information and opinions on Rick Warren.

So what is he about?


He does not teach health and weallth. He teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. By his words and actions he seems like a Godly man to me.:smiley:

I suppose people here will slam him simply because he is not catholic.:frowning:


I think that’s an unfair thing to say about most of the posters here. I’ve known plenty of very Godly people who are not Catholic. Fr. Corapi even says so. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm you seem to be doing what you don’t like to see Catholics do, judging their hearts and minds? Just an observation.

People seem to follow his teachings rather religiously (no pun intended). I haven’t seen anything controversial about him. His book The Purpose Driven Life seems to be extremely popular. As for me, I’ll go by what the Baltimore Catechism says. I remember it putting it really plain and simple, yet I can’t remember what it says.

In Pax Christi


Has anyone read “The Purpose Driven Life”?


I have read it a couple of times. One was actually done in a Bible study at my church (Catholic).

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the book. For one thing, I don’t agree that anyone needs to make their church more “seeker friendly”. I think that’s the Holy Spirit’s job to draw people. I’ve seen too many churches in my area leave doctrine behind to be more friendly. Complete with coffee shops in their entrances. :eek:

Another problem was the use of several different Bible translations. I do use more than one in my own personal study, but I felt like it interfered with the flow of the book. That’s just personal opinion of course! :wink:


Oh and just so it’s clear, I’m watching American Idol right now so I also found it distracting, pitchy yo dawg. But Paula liked the cover art. It looked nice. :smiley:


Yep, twas a little pitchy! LOL

Rick Warren? Cannot stand him, tried to read the book, made me ill.

Oops, commercial over, idol back on!


I’ve read quite a lot of it…I liked it …Sometimes books like these appeal to people who are searching …(hope that’s the word I was looking for) It is a obviously by a protestant pastor.
For me…I take what I can use and pass over the rest. Now I would very much recommend it to the inmates in my prison ministry…sometimes you must meet people where they are…of course the Holy Spirit helps with this…:slight_smile:


Another problem was the use of several different Bible translations. I do use more than one in my own personal study, but I felt like it interfered with the flow of the book. That’s just personal opinion of course!

I notice that a lot of Protestants use several translations…one translation does not wholly conform to thier personal belief and interpretation.


IMO, it should be called The Purpose Driven Death. To me the man is a cult leader. He wants to recruit ‘1 billion Christian foot soldiers’ who are willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to turn the entire planet into a purpose-driven Kingdom of God. Do you want someone telling you how you can worship? It will be his version of christianity. He has stated several times that he wants to connect the Protestants and the Catholics together, that basicly they both want the same thing. I wonder what the compromise will be? Not saying they cannot get along and do not share some of the same beliefs but do you want to be part of his Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan? Google Saddleback Church, thats scary enough. Saddleback PEACE site is In Irvine Ca. And oh yeah, for all the people here who do not think very kindly towards Islam, google Rick Warren and his trip to Syria.

He lovebombs people, however if you do not get with the program he teaches his people to shun you in love, that is until you come crawling back, then they know they have properly broken you down, destroyed the spirit God gave you, and can remold into what they think you should be. And what Rick Warren wants you to be is what Christ wants you to be (note sarcasm) Warren has also stated that God can not possible use anyone without using other people to help you, that it will not happen because that is the way God planned it. Did anyone bother telling God that he could not use anyone without also using others connected to you? I will never fall into a hive mind mentality. That is a way to keep you from leaving the pack.

Almost forgot to add. I know my New Age because that is what I was considered for a very long time. Christians should know more about it IMO because they are falling for it. Back in 2005 the Rick Warren hired New Age promoter, Ken Blanchard to “help train church leaders to be like Jesus”. Blanchards mixes in his beliefs mantra meditation, yoga, and Buddhism. He also sits on a Board of Advisors of a New Age organization. I copied a list of just a few books he has endorsed, remember this is the man Rick Warren used to train them to be more like Jesus:

  Wrote foreword to Jim Ballard's Mind Like Water
  Wrote foreword to Franz Metcalf's What Would Buddha Do At Work?
  Is on the Front Cover of Corporate Mystic-(Listen)
  Is on the Back Cover of Deepak Chopra's 7 Spiritual Laws of Success
  Jim Ballard, a staunch New Ager, and a colleague of The Ken Blanchard Companies
  Wrote the Foreword to Ellen Tadd's (clairvoyant) book, Death and Letting Go.

People in Rick Warrens organization are basicly spied on, they go through rigerous training, monitoring (via high-tech internet feedback loops), databanking (personal, psychological and corporate information), He is a Meglomaniac who said that Church should be run like a business. His is very much into technology and is constantly trying to think of ways to use it to further his goals. I will not go crazy like some people do and call him an Anti-Christ, but I will say this, the Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan is downright scary.


Agree completely. I also tuned out the accompanying video series when he emphatically stated the baptism does not save.


I’ve seen several TV interviews with Rick Warren. He never talks about Jesus. His favorite topic of conversation seems to be Rick Warren.



Just wanted to point out, I slammed him and I am not Catholic.:wink:


Our church did a study on The Purpose Driven Life and it was well received. I think our priest, who taught the class himself, had an objective of making better evangelists out of us. He used what was good about Rick Warren’s ideas and also made sure that we understood what Protestant attitudes in the book are different from what the Catholic Church teaches. I never did hear a single person say that they didn’t benefit from the study.



I’ve met people from Rick’s church since I live in LA and they seemed OK. I being a converted Catholic debate with these guys and everything they argued seemed OK (meaning from typical protestant theology). Reading some of these post makes me want to look further into his ministry. As for me with almost 2000 years of Catholic material to read I don’t waste my time reading Protestant material. Want a purpose driven life read a few Saint’s biographies that will get you kicking.


Because of Auriel’s comment, I decided to do a search on “Errors of The Purpose Driven Life” and I found this:


This is a must read for those that support Rick Warren.


Read the Purpose Driven Life quite a while ago; I didn’t care for it.

Out of curiosity, went to check out his church one Sunday; I didn’t care for it.

At that time (and it probably hasn’t changed) they presented a “scripture play” for lack of a better description; it is definitely “seeker friendly,” and IMO theologically weak.


The Orange County Register did a series on him, it was kind of the same old fluff peice until you try to get to The PEACE network, Only church groups that have been screened by Saddleback Church and accepted into the PEACE plan program are currently allowed to use the site. The reporter had to gain special permission to catch a glimpse inside. Why the big Secret? From what I have read his plan is very much like NATO. Here is a link to that page:


They have a pastor of technology , Eric Busby, he wrote the software for the PEACE ‘platform,’ with about about two dozen engineers and experts around the world.

Here is a quote from his tech minister: “A church is like a business with branch offices,” Busby says. “If you start saying we got 2.5 million branch offices – nobody has that.” [emphasis added]

"Already, the platform’s electronic brain – the 8-foot racks of hundreds of servers needed to store the site’s growing database (14,000 articles in English alone) – is housed in a warehouse-sized, MAXIMUM SECURITY “Tier-1” Internet data center in Irvine.

“‘Such centers exist in several dozen locations around the world to host the electronic information of the world’s largest companies, which explains the ARMED GUARDS, biometric palm scanners and steel doors that guard the facility,’ Busby says.” [all emphases added]

This is very much about Marketing. I may sound terrible when I say this but too many people are dazzled by the slick marketing campaign and his personality, which he does have a ton of. They do not see past it, he makes people feel good. To me it is just like slapping a Jesus label on a pretty package and it sells.

This point was made: This is a PROPIETARY, logo-branding, public-relations and merchandising campaign. The article explains how this works in the marketing world, including a reference to Larry Ross, the P.R. (public relations) firm that handles Saddleback, Warren, etc.

He is not the same man he started out to be, it is much more political now. His religious beliefs now lean more towards a Gnostic style. He has invited people such as Obama to speak at his Church, it is very political. Here is a link to a article from this past December:

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