Ricordo di Padova?

I found a beautiful miniature metal sanctuary with moveable gates and the image of a holy person above an altar containing what looks like a third-class relic. It was at a garage sale for 25 cents. The name “Ricordo di Padova” is engraved on the front step, and when I searched for the name on Google, I didn’t find much. Can anyone give me more information on this person? Thanks!

This is a forced try, but I was wondering if it was the name of a person or a place. Because if you translate “Ricordo di Padova” from Italian, it seems to mean: “Memory of Padua”. Padua in its place is a city in Italy, which in its turn makes me remember St. Anthony of Padua, who is very well known in Portugal or Brazil as the marriage saint. Maybe if you compare this medal to his shrine or relics you can find some similarities?

Thanks, Cartesian! I’ll bet it is a souvenir of St. Anthony rather than a “Ricordo.” I found the name connected to a lot of St. Anthony medals.

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