Riddles and Jokes


Solving logic puzzles is really fun and I thought it would be good to have some here on CAF. I don’t know any so I’ll just wait for one…


I found one!

What has green hair, a round red head and a long thin white beard?


This one is my new favorite.

I’m a red creature from the sea with large claws, or pincers, and I’m often boiled and served as an expensive dish at seafood restaurants.


A radish.


Is it red when it lives in the sea?


It is a stereotype of the animal.


What is black, lives in a tree and is very dangerous?


A panther?


A crow with a machine gun.

(this was my favorite joke in 2nd grade)


A black bear.


Two fathers and two sons went fishing, and each caught a fish.
Yet there were only three fish.
How can this be?


It was a grandfather, father and son combination. Hence only 3 people.


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