Ride a horse to Church? Anyone?

I live in Texas as many of can see. In this area we have “Cowboy Church”. This church is in many places in this area. I never went to one , but I understand that it is mainly a religious Grand ole Opry. Full of country western people who listen to country western all day long in their car. In Texas, country western is a thing of pride associated with the state. I don’t even like country western music, I get enough from it around here. Anyone else hear about this church? cowboychurchministries.org/

The Texas Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and the Cowboy Church Network of North America both seem to be Baptist in their orientation.

I’ve heard of cowboy churches, and similar ones with a motorcycle theme, which try to attract and hold believers with a service heavy with the trappings of a subculture. I can’t say I find them appealing, and have never visited one, but if it works… well, why not?

Of course, if you are Catholic you will likely find the idea unacceptable. I’m not familiar enough with the ethnic parishes in the US during the first part of the 20th century, but didn’t many Catholic churches also have a flavor which attracted, say, Italian-Americans or Czech-Americans, but more or less excluded Catholics who were not of that ethnicity?

I’ve never ridden a horse to church.

Last Easter, I walked, to avoid the traffic issues that erupt when so many “ChrEasters” show up! :slight_smile:

Does that count, even if I’m not a horse?

If all works out the way I hope, when my wife is a registered nurse in two and a half years I’ll be driving a plum crazy purple 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi to church on Sundays…all the 375 horse power and great handling I need to get me to church on time! :p:D

Personally I love horses, have owned them, love to ride, and have a brother from Texas so I’ve spent some time there. But I’ve never heard of that church; although I don’t doubt for a moment that it exists.

I can assure you though that it would not be a Catholic Church. Why do you ask? Are you thinking of going yourself? :eek:

“Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink.” (Jn 6; 54-55)

Dale M: Yes, there were some immigrant areas of the U.S. that were largely made up of Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans, etc. Most of these people would have practiced the Catholic faith, so in areas of music, language, etc. the Catholic mass would have been more in keeping with the ethnicity that those people were used to. We still have parishes in my area that have Polish or Mexican immigrants and to accomodate them the church will offer some services in their native language. That being said, ALL are welcome to attend these services, nobody has ever been “more or less excluded”. That would go against our belief of evangelization. (Oh yeah, but we do ask that all horses be left outside.:D)

I go to a church located in a busy downtown area. Other than a few police on horseback, we never see big animals. Riding a horse to church one Sunday would be awesome. :smiley: They’d talk about it for weeks haha

Yeah look at Jesus. He rides in on a donkey and they’ve been talking it about it for 2,000 years! :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s actually a llama farm near my parents’ house…maybe I can borrow one for this Sunday :smiley:

Funny you should mention that. I read “Is your mama a llama?” to my kids last night! LOL One of their favorites…:stuck_out_tongue:

Things are shaping up nicely in MLB tonight! Giants ahead against Arizona, Dodgers behind the Mets so far, Colorado lost. Praise the Lord! :cool:

They play a cowboy church presentation on one of the XM Radio channels. I generally don’t listen to it, even though I love Texas honkytonk and western swing. I don’t believe they offer Absolution and the Eucharist at cowboy church. :shrug:

LOL well said :thumbsup:

I heard the Cowboy Church is already breaking into two camps like the Anglicans. The Conservatives broke off when the liberals wanted to watch Brokeback Mountain in the parish hall during coffee hour. The conservatives already have their own new building. Their first guest speakers at the revival next month are Bo and Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard, Brooks and Dunn, the president of Jimmy Dean Sausage, and Burt Reynolds. The name of their revival is “East Bound and down, loaded up and truckin’”
The liberals are holding a fundraiser to just say no to rodeos. They will have carbon footprint measuring booths and all sorts of tasty tofu barbecue.

This thread is too funny.

I have a horse but I have never ridden her to Church LOL–that would be hysterical. However, I do throw her (Margaritaville) in the trailer and toddle on down to St. Kats for the Blessing of the Animals.

Cowboy Church is a protestant thing so don’t expect Communion or anything similiar. :shrug:

A protestant friend went looking for a christian, cowboy, husband—this was before she realized she is better off single. I can’t remember if she liked the service or not actually I don’t think she commented on it one way or another.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! :smiley:

She went to a Cowboy church looking for a husband? Hmm…maybe I should start a Christian Singles Rodeo haha

I remember reading about a Cowboy Mass in a thread on liturgical abuse. Like has been stated before, this sort of thing would rile a Catholic’s sensibilities–and it did, apparently.

If all works out the way I hope, when my wife is a registered nurse in two and a half years I’ll be driving a plum crazy purple 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi to church on Sundays…all the 375 horse power and great handling I need to get me to church on time!

Why is it that every Dodge Challenger Hemi I see is purple? I want a black Dodge Charger with neon on the undercarriage and internal neon that flashes with my techno mp3’s I listen to every time I get behind the wheel. Goa, Deep House, and Trance on my way to Mass. Oh yeah. I’d turn heads when I find a parking spot right in front and walk out with Bible and Rosary in tow. :thumbsup:

I have several friends that rodeo. These friends attend cowboy church when at a rodeo on Sundays. Most of these cowboy churches are located on the grounds of these rodeo arena’s. They are very informal, but a way for Christian cowboys and cowgirls to attend church while following the rodeo circuit. It’s not a church to dress up like cowboys, and have fun, it’s a Church for cowboys while on the road.

Very interesting! I had no idea that something like that existed!

After all this Burt Reynolds and racing talk, I’m in the mood to watch the Cannonball Run! LOL

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