Rifle used in deadly 1966 Texas rampage for sale



Well, Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle, in which several young college coeds were abducted (killed) and transported, was sold and is on display.


It is all rather macabre - like the rubber-neckers at every automotive collision or fire scene.

In short, human nature.

The case of Charles Whitman is a somewhat interesting case in terms of motive. I have not studied it extensively, but looking at it a bit today did reveal that an autopsy of Mr. Whitman revealed a brain tumor.

I’m wondering if any one else here thinks that a tumor alone, or possibly a mixture of a stroke, psychoses, use of amphetamines, and/ or schizophrenia could have caused him to commit the terrible actions that he did on that day.

But yes, selling one of the the guns is definitely an outrage, according to my sensibilities. I wonder what the State of Texas is thinking when things like this happen. Not that Texas actually is accountable as an individual is, but If I were a Texan, I would not be proud of this sort of policy.

Border line personality disorders left without address can escalate to this and has. That said I can’t imagine the weapons being returned after a crime such as this either. I thought the idea was to remove them, not profit off them and place them back on the street.

Suppose Whitman did have a brain tumor and it did cause him to kill. Suppose Whitman had never done anything wrong before the terrible incident. Would he be condemned to hell?

Should sell for a squillion bucks,knowing how gun loving people are over there,

I am pro-gun-ownership, pro-concealed-carry, pro-2nd-amendment . . .

BUT . . .

that is one weapon that should be destroyed with extreme prejudice.

We would have to take a love poll. I opt for a reluctant yes on the personal need part. Guns are a dead issue here since Isis and daily terrorist alerts imho.

Anyway I’m skeptical about police selling crime/court confiscated firearms, thats a new animal imho.

I have never heard the Church condemn anyone to hell. So I guess it becomes do you think people go to hell, for me thats another reluctant yes.

Former FBI profiler John Douglas wrote a book with Mark Olshaker entitled The Anatomy of Motive. Mr. Douglas has considered the tumor “an incidental finding.”

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