Right and wrong


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This thread started with a vid on youtube by jezuzfreak777 (look him up if you want)

But…as a Catholic I’m sure you have opinions on what’s right and wrong, but my question is.

Why is it wrong? or right for that matter…for example; mormons shouldn’t show any skin what so ever or even wear make-up, however my girlfriend’s mother has tattoos,wears makeup and wears skirts and shorts sometimes…

So…what is your opinion on what’s right and wrong?


Opinions are only opinions, and you’ll get some 7 billion of them to go along with every person alive.

Absolute right and wrong are not opinions, they are truth. You can use the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’, or ‘truth’ and "falsehood’.

Societal ‘right and wrong’ is relative and changeable; that’s why some people think it is ‘wrong’ to have tattoes and others think it’s perfectly all right.

So if you want to hear about good and evil that is one thing–there are absolutes there. If you just want to discuss what one society or another thinks is a relative right or wrong regarding fashion–meh, that’s just opinion. I’d rather stick with good old absolute truth.


While minor things vary from one particular religious group to another or one culture from another, most peoples practice natural law, whether they understand the term or not.

For instance, most cultures believe in caring for their young, feeding them and sheltering them. A person with wisdom is more revered than others. Men and women come together in family groups to rear their young. Most offer to a Higher Power worship, thanks, and intercession, etc.

We human beings have an inner compass that we either follow or violate, but it’s there within the hearts and minds of most of us.


Tantum Ergo stated it rather well. As Catholics, opinion doesn’t determine right or wrong. Jesus did. The Church teaches it. We obey the teachings.

Yes, we wrestle constantly with popular/societal opinions but the beauty of having the Catholic Church is that we have Jesus available to us through Her to help us make sense of the world’s views on right/wrong.

All we really need to know in this lifetime is God’s will.
Political wills, cultural wills, popular wills…those change.
God’s will never does. So keeping our focus on His will makes it easier for us not to fall prey to fleeting fancies.


Well said! Nice post! :thumbsup:

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