Right to die fight


It’s not really a ‘right to die fight’, more a finding out, with precision, the circumstances in which her husband might be prosecuted for helping her go to Switzerland.

Of more interest, from a UK perspective, might be this article in last Saturday’s edition of the Times:

Overwhelming public support for a change in the law to allow medically assisted suicide is revealed in a poll for The Times.

Almost three quarters (74 per cent) of people want doctors to be allowed to help terminally ill patients to end their lives. Support is particularly strong among those aged 55 to 64.

Six out of ten people also want friends and relatives to be able to help their dying loved ones to commit suicide without fear of prosecution.

If a person is really determined to die, s/he will not be dissuaded.

It sounds to me that this “right to die with dignity” is more likely held by people who don’t really want to take the full moral responsibility required for killing themselves, but want others to share it.

Of course, the “right to die” will soon become “the duty to die” and then “the right to kill.”

What I fail to understand about these “assisted suicide” people is why they want laws passed to allow somebody to “help” them commit suicide. If they want to commit suicide, the ways are endless and effective, and they don’t require anybody offering “assistance”. Use a shotgun. Jump off a bridge. Lie down on a grenade. Swallow 100 sleeping pills. I mean, the means already exist to do this, and the outcome is the same.

Ms Purdy, who is married to Cuban violinist Omar Puente, said in response to the decision: "I’m ecstatic…I feel like I have my life back."

Oh, the irony. I wonder if she’ll be wishing for the same thing five seconds after she actually does the deed?

I know. Why do they feel the need to have it government sanctioned? Anyone can kill themselves if they so choose.

In terms of the ‘op’ of this thread, of course, ‘government sanctioned’ doesn’t come into it.

There must be fifty ways to leave your liver.

Just walk out the back Jack
Make a new plan Sam.
and make yourself free.

I’m talking about physician assisted suicide in general. In Oregon, they go through all these steps before having someone else kill them. If they really just wanted to die why didn’t they just kill themselves?

Could you give some examples?

Around here (Ohio) the most popular method lately is stand in front of a Norfolk and Southern train or semi-tractors. A little messy but quick.

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