Right to die?


I’m sorry, but I searched the forums for “right to die” and since each of the words is common, the search could not be performed. I’m sure this is addressed somewhere, but could someone please give the Catholic position? I know we humble creations have no real right to die, but how and where is that explained?



the Gospel of Life by Pope John Paul II


I don’t know what JP2 says, but if I had a terminal illness I would not want an IV. That would cause my skin to burst like a sausage. I would also forgo the feeding tube.


Look up these questions in the Cathoic Replies book by [font=Arial]James J. Drummey.[/font]
[font=Arial]From what I know there is a difference between preserving life and prolonging the death process. Everyone is responsible to feed and care for a person by normal standards. You don’t need to go as far as breathing for the sick. For example: Let’s say I’m in a coma. It’s up to my caregivers to feed me, bathe me, and so on until I die naturally. But let’s say my brainstem has been shot and the only thing keeping me alive is a machine that breathes for me. My caregivers are not obliged to keep the machine going forever, (unless there is a chance of my recovery). Once unplugged, I die, not because of starvation or lack of care, but because of my condition/illness.[/font]
[font=Arial]This is a very quick overview and hopefully it helped out a little. Again look at the CATHOLIC REPLIES for a better explaination.[/font]

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