Right to Life Sunday at our church


Is it the same in every diocese? We had a wonderful homily on the right to life, promoting a culutre of life. The priest did not mention abortion, but he emphasized the right to life- from conception to a natural death. I feel like our outrage over abortion is just not there though. I think most Catholics are ho hum about it. What are you all thinking?


Was that today? Wouldn’t have known it if you hadn’t told me. No mention at all today, although I could have missed something while running around corralling my toddler, but I doubt it. Sigh. Well, be thankful that at least your priest said SOMETHING and pray for my priest to stop saying NOTHING.


My Pastor mentioned it in the parish bulletin. They didn’t mention it today at the Mass I attended, but maybe they mentioned it at one of the other Masses?


To my surprise, we had a list of pro-abortion Catholic politicians and their pictures listed with a phone number to their bishop. Also, in the bulletin there was a brief article about the Catholic protesters that went to a Kerry rally to heckle him. It’s basically the same thing that was posted here several weeks ago. All of that is great, but I could have seen some defense of the anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia, etc. positions though. As unfortunitly, not all Catholics are well versed in why we should take such positions. Education is the key.


Noticing that this thread was started in October, wonder if this still applies for January?

Our Pastor ALWAYS talks about the fight against Abortion, to the point were we lost some parishners. Some people just don’t like hearing the truth.
Last Sunday (the 16th) we had our local Right To Life March, and my Pastor was given an award for his fight for the cause.

The ONLY award is to have Abortion Illegal once again!

God IS with Us!


Ours celebrates Right to Life the third weekend of January (to coincide with the anniversary of Roe v Wade). Our church makes a very big deal out of it - fundraisers for crisis pregnancy centers, prolife homilies at each mass, candles…

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