'Right to Pray' Amendment has Missouri Bishops' Approval



It has come to this? We need an amendment passed to just pray?:confused:

Simply because a law or constitutional amendment has been proposed (or even passed) doesn’t mean there is a need for the measure. It just means it is hot political issue.

There is no barrier to prayer in public spaces, so long as the prayer does not disrupt the official business being conducted.

I think it’s a preemptive measure. Things are pretty good on that front in Missouri but you see and hear horror stories from adjoining states. Perhaps they want to get this amendment written and passed while it’s still easy.

Pre-emptiive- maybe…

Setting a precedent ?

Will other states now say you do not have a right to pray because there is no amendment in place here?

I’m not aware of any state that has said that a person couldn’t pray, however, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was. I am aware of several cases that have gone to court and instances where a person has been unjustly disciplined for praying in public and having such an amendment would probably do something to prevent such injustices. I don’t think that there is a danger of other states saying that a person doesn’t have the right to pray in the near future because that right is protected in our federal constitution.

I never underestimae the audacity of evil and it’s politicians. No doubt ‘Political Correctness’ will be the mechanism to employ like what actually happened in Canada.

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