Right-wing fringe group building multimedia empire near Detroit


Interesting article about the Church Militant website. Are they truly Catholic or another group that wants to remake the Church in their own image?

Wasn’t Mr. Voris previously prohibited from using the word “Catholic” in his organization’s name? He is very leaky vessel in which to place hopes for a restoration of religious practice.

A bishop who did not have authority (due to location) tried to forbid the use of the word Catholic.

I find that he either assumes too much knowledge on the part of the listener or leaps to conclusions, bit Inwouldn’t call him a right-wing fringe group, whatever that might mean.

First the failing New York Times, now USA today. Man ChurchMilitant is really rustling some feathers and scaring some elites. Good for them.

The local bishop can determine what ministries are authentically Catholic, and thus prohibit them from calling themselves Catholic.

Which is why Voris changed the name of*his organization from “Real Catholic” to “Church Militant”.

Is the interest here is to silence “right-wing” speech instead of defending the true nature of Catholicism?

If the “National Catholic Reporter” (aka Fishwrap) can use the word Catholic, I think anybody can.

As to labeling anything with the marginalizing terms “right wing” and “fringe”, someone is using Alinsky tactics in an attempt to neutralize them.

Apparently, Pope Francis’s welcoming if a diversity of opinions and debate is not heeded by everyone.

It’s long been known that just because institutions and individuals call themselves “Catholic” that doesn’t make it so…

The title sort of points to the ethos of the writer. That said, I didn’t think CM was big enough on the national stage to garner that type of publicity. I’m sure they will benefit from the exposure. While not everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly touch a cord with their demographic.

As the article mentioned, it is very much focussed on the founder who also is the main personality. I wonder if he is raising up others to continue or expand the breadth of reporting, and take over management when the time comes.

We could just as easily say that there is a “Left-wing” fringe group building multimedia empire near Kansas City:


:thumbsup::thumbsup: while Mike Voris may rub some the wrong way, his heart is n seeing the Church return to her true calling. It seems that he has gotten under the (thin) skin of some. Last year, or the year befpre an attack was launched on him by someone using his past indiscretions against him. It was a terrible smear campaign. Now he is labeled right wing frige group. Makes me wonder.
I sure am glad that progressives are soooooo tolerant. I would hate to see what they would be like otherwise.

Too bad than that that doesn’t extend to the so called Catholic Univerities in name only which is causing more harm than his organization ever could.

Thanks for the update; I did not know the situation had changed.

USA Today is part of what is, in fact, a left wing media empire. Their credibility is zero.

It is relevant as was pointed out, that National Catholic Reporter has refused to take the “Catholic” word out of their title, disobeying their bishops. But Michael Voris did change the name of his ministry. This, along with other examples, points to the fact that the National Catholic Reporter is totally disconnected from the Catholic Faith and Church, but Church Militant is at least in conversation distance.

I don’t condone Church Militant, the road to sanctity is never by being partially disobedient, or less bad than that other guy. I just suggest that, unlike other groups on Left or Right, there is a definite hope for genuine unity with the Church apostolate in general.

I’m curious what standard is met to become a multimedia empire.

My interactions with the Church Militant site was specifically regarding their stance on the Alpha Program, which is a Protestant-based evangelization program. The Church Militant site was spot on in their analysis of this error-filled and many times heretical based program. The Archdiocese of Detroit is in a love-fest with this program so I can see why they don’t see eye-to-eye with Church Militant.

Have there been other items where the Archdiocese of Detroit and Church Militant have not agreed with each other?



Years ago I disagreed with Michael Voris over his characterization of various people and institutions, and I got the opportunity to talk to him offline about it. I found him to be very gracious and considerate of what I had to say, and generally seemed like a charitable and reasonable guy.

I think the disconnect between where he is coming from and where I (and I believe most Catholics) are coming from stems from the fact that Michael has a more cynical view of the people within the Church. Particularly with regard to the hierarchy and to Catholic media. He’s clearly seen a lot of corruption, and I wouldn’t doubt if he’s been burned more than a few times.

He is neither the first or the last person I’ve met who’s lost a great deal of faith in the authorities within the Church. For example, the abuse scandal has been the cause of great distrust for many. I just hope and pray that, in their investigations, reporting, and commentary, Michael and his collaborators are able to see the good, and not just the bad.

Yup, Michael Voris is a defender of Christian Orthodoxy. May God Bless him! :thumbsup:

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