Right-wing fringe group building multimedia empire near Detroit


FERNDALE, Mich. — Inside a plain, two-story brick building in Ferndale hums the nerve center for a growing, religious group hoping the forces that elected President Donald Trump will tear down the wall between church and state.

Church Militant, a fringe group claiming to be Catholic but denounced by the church, broadcasts pro-life, anti-gay, anti-feminist, Islam-fearing content on its website, churchmiltant.com, and through social media using production studios that rival those at local TV news stations. It has 35 full-time employees who publish about 10 stories and three videos every weekday.



I read the article, and I’ll admit I don’t know much about Church Militant. But the article doesn’t say the group is “condemned” or “denounced” by the Church. Doing some research on line, I could not find where it ever has been. I do see where it’s not particularly favored by the Archdiocese of Detroit, which does not allow its speakers to speak in the parishes, but nothing says it’s “denounced”.

Looking at its website, it appears to be an orthodox, if perhaps strident, organization, but not a whole lot more sinister than that.


I am not sure where Mr. Voris gets the money for 35 full time employees.


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