Rightwing poll ‘watchers’ plan to police US election

Good. There’s already evidence of democrats binning votes they don’t approve of


This has a paywall.

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Ah right - sorry about that -in the UK - the paywall doesn’t exist, I didn’t realize it was going to generate that. Let’s see If I can find another source.

Same article without a paywall:-


Ahhhh, Good Republican boys. If you can’t win with numbers then intimidation looks appealing! All for the good of the country, don’tcha know!


When you know the Democrat side will cheat to win, it’s not a bad idea to have people watching the polls. The can’t be any campaigning at the polls so it’s not as though these watchers can tell people who to vote for. They can’t handle the actual ballots.


Sorry, but that’s a nice excuse for them to be there. If they are, let’s see which districts they show up at. What will they be watching for anyway that the legal pollsters wouldn’t also see?

Since they can’t talk to anyone, all they CAN do is stand there looking intimidating!


So you are okay with no one watching for fair elections?

Are you intermediated by all Republicans?


The idea of groups of people who are not official ‘policing’ elections is troubling on many levels.


Aren’t the officials there to watch? They are at my voting centers. Do you just walk in without being checked in? Isn’t there a sweet old lady or gentleman watching you put your ballot in the box?

No, I’m not intimidated by anyone…but I’m not a minority nor funny looking nor wearing Muslim garb, either.

They can’t even question voter’s credentials or in any way interfere with the process. There is an established channel for real poll watchers. They can’t just show up on election day and try to do that job without approval of the elections officials.


This isn’t news. There’s already been some issues with people who tried to set themselves up as DIY election police getting removed from the vote-counting offices and such, since every state to my knowledge is allowing people to vote by mail or drop box during the month of October and they are all processing those ballots now. I heard of at least one forced removal and arrest.

As mentioned above, there will be real poll watchers hired by election officials and likely working in bipartisan teams, and self-styled ones likely are not going to be allowed in to watch anything, not only because they aren’t allowed to be interfering with the voting or seeing anyone’s personal info, but also because of COVID risk. The polling places will likely not let any extraneous people in, even to hover in the hall outside the voting area, where in the past some polling places have let researchers take exit surveys and that sort of thing.

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Please point out where I said they would ask any questions. Polling places are public places, anyone can be there as long as they are not campaigning, trying to interrupt voters, interfere with process in anyway. You liberals seem to be afraid of this, I wonder why?

Edited to add - I’m not interested in going round & round with you so I’ll just end it all here. You win! You know the most! I know you will reply, but this is the end for me.

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There is not much watching that an unofficial poll watcher can do standing outside of a polling place and not talking to anyone. There is nothing to watch. I think they will just get bored and go home.


Especially the armed ones. :roll_eyes:


Although it’s debatable whether “anyone can be there” (since there are likely capacity limits on the buildings for public health and safety reasons, so if the entire town decided to go clog the polling place that probably wouldn’t be allowed), this discussion is about whether it is legal for some random person to go be a poll watcher.

Many places require poll watchers to be a resident of their local area, obtain credentials from the local government/ election boards in advance, and be assigned to a certain precinct. Furthermore, there is generally a limit (2 or 3 people per party is what I’ve seen) on the number of poll watchers at a given precinct, and may be further limits on how many can be watching at once (like out of the 2 for one party, 1 watches while the other takes a break) and where they can sit and what they can and can’t do.

You don’t just show up and say hey anybody can be here so here I am to watch your poll.

The article mentions a suit in PA. Given how the courts operate in PA, that’s either going to go down in flames or more likely is not going to be resolved in time for the election. It’s rather pointless anyway because of the huge number of people who are voting by mail or drop box, and there are no poll watchers watching that.

Way to go! Make an unsubstantiated allegation, and then run.

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That is uncharitable of you.

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That’s not at all the intention.Its the Dems who have intimidated voters in recent elections.I for one am happy to hear there will be additional oversight re voter fraud. We the voters need to have confidence in the voting system.A clean and honest election.:pray:

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