Is Rihanna’s new album Rated R ok for a 16 year old?

you can actually go to the billboard.com site and listen to her most recent song and decide for yourself. i don’t think you’ll have too much trouble figuring this one out with a quick listen.

OK…here’s a history of that:

When she first came out, I LOVED her music! Her debut “Music of the Sun” was perfectly G-rated and everything we could expect from a fun Caribbean-sound album…we all know how big of a hit “Pon de Replay” was, and “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” was even BETTER!

Her sophomore album “A Girl Like Me” was a bit more mainstream pop, but still OK for most folks…I’d give it a PG though, simply because of “Unfaithful” (the earliest song she still performs on tour)-though “SOS,” “We Ride,” and “Break Em Off” w/Sean Paul were hits too.

On the third album “Good Girl Gone Bad” it became obvious that Mr. Illuminati Rapper (Jay-Z) was beginning to show his influence (he executive-produced her past two albums, none of which sold all that well). The lead single “Umbrella” was a worldwide SMASH, followed up by “Shut Up and Drive” (OK if you’re where the innuendos go over your head), “Hate That I Love You” (my favorite from the album) “Don’t Stop the Music” (closest to her dancehall roots) “Take a Bow” (another #1 pop hit) and “Disturbia” (probably where the darkness was setting in)-all in all, that balances to PG-13.

Right around that time was where a fellow artist by the name of Chris Brown became involved in her life (I know Brown is a devout Christian, and even had a couple of songs about his faith on his last two albums)…then, one night all before the Grammys, it all exploded. Brown came out of there charged with felony assault (though I still think it was a botched exorcism attempt), and plead guilty in exchange for no incarceration, but about 5 years’ probation…Since then, Brown has been genuinely apologetic and remorseful for what he did, taking full responsibility and even releasing his junior album “Graffiti” (listen to the song “Crawl” for his feelings on the whole matter)-Unfortunately, he’s the one whose career ended…the lady’s one just begun.

Not speaking about the incident UNTIL it was time for her album to drop, that album, “Rated R,” was MUCH darker than any of her prior work (her first and only album to get a Parental Advisory sticker)…She said she wanted to be a “role model to young women” with the incident…how do songs about suicide rituals (“Russian Roulette”) and obscure hard-ness (“Hard”-though guest rapper Jeezy put in a good verse). “Rude Boy” was back to her lighter-sounding mode, though I still wouldn’t play it around the youngsters (that was bad taste doing it at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards)…Her next album’s supposed to be back to the feel-good music…we hope so.

Ultimately, I’d say “Rated R” is a SKIP. If she wants some Rihanna, buy “Music of the Sun,” “A Girl Like Me,” and download the more appropriate songs from “Good Girl Gone Bad”…

Just my $0.02-and then some!

Can’t comment on the OP as I haven’t listened to the new Rihanna cd.
I do have to say that I found nothing remorseful about Chris Brown’s behavior. He has in my opinion truely acted like a punk and I’m very glad that the public has not accepted him back. He really needs to do alot of growing up. I was really upset that he was let off so easily, he deserved jail time. He beat that poor girl within an inch of her life and got nothing but a slap on the wrist. That kind of behavior does not reflect being a devout christian (and I hope that was just a joke when you said you thought it was a botched exorcism:confused:).
As for Rihanna, leaving Chris Brown was a great thing to do. It would have been the worst immage for young girls if she had stayed with him.

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