ring re-blessed ?

Hi i got a purity ring for christmas/birthday and only just got it blessed but in the middle of the blessing father blessed it and the blessing was “god bless this ring (drop) and he who will wear it in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit” and dropped it but he didnt start again he carried on the blessing so do i need to get it re-blessed or am i just being paranoid because think i am , what do you think ?
Thanks chuck

I’d say your being paranoid.


I care about these things, too, so let’s examine your question seriously and logically.

These things are required for the blessing:

-the object to be blessed
-the priest
-the priest must have the intention to bless
-the form: at a minimum, he makes the sign of the cross over it (by the way, it sounds from your quote like he actually used the correct prayer from the Book of Blessings.")

Were all these things present? It sounds like they were. If you had pulled another ring out of your pocket and substituted it halfway through the blessing, maybe that’s a problem. If on the floor where you dropped the ring, there were fifty other rings that happened to be lying there, that nobody had asked to be blessed (yes, I am being ridiculous for the sake of this question), then there might be confusion.

The key thing here is if he made the sign of the cross over it with the intention to bless.

So, what do you think?

Hi thanks guys i see now yes he didnt do the sign of the cross at the end ! i thought i was being paranoid just one of those things lol
thanks chuck :slight_smile:

No. You have to appeal to the Pope. Your bishop can tell you what form to fill out.

Just kidding! You’re fine; your ring is fine; the blessing us fine.

No thiers nothing wrong with gettting it Blessed again,with the other rings.

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