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I am considering purchasing a set of matching rosary rings for my girl friend and I. They are very nice, sized to order and not too inexpensive. She already has a promise ring that I have given her which she wears on her left ring finger. What would be the appropriate finger for her to wear this rosary ring and which finger would it be appropriate for me?




A rosary ring represents a good personal devotion. There is no protocol or “official” finger on which to wear one, so, decide which finger you want to wear it on and go for it!

I’d think wearing it on the pointer finger would make it very easy to “feel” the marks on the ring with the thumb while praying.

It is a matter of personal choice.


I have one that I got free from an online apostolate and because it’s rather small I wear it as a pinky ring. It has a small crucifix and ten small rounded bumps for the Aves. In using it I take it off and put it on the end of my forefinger and go round with my thumb. As they said, it’s a matter of preference where you wear it; what’s really important is to say the prayers and do the meditations.

You can also get very inexpensive plastic rosary rings in different colours from:
www.ourladysrosaryrings.com Tell them Julian sent you!

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