RIOTS HIT CHARLOTTE: At least 12 cops injured in protests after officer-involved shooting death of black man


It’s common sense…but parents should teach their kids this, especially in the black community.


RT is reporting a shooting at tonight’s protests in Charlotte it’s a breaking story so I imagine other sources will be reporting soon.


The Latest: Protesters Rush Police; Tear Gas Fired


1 Person Shot And Killed As Protests Over Fatal Charlotte Police Shooting Turn Violent

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CBSNewYork/AP) — One person was shot and killed during protests in Charlotte on Wednesday night following the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

Charlotte CBS affiliate WBTV reported the shooting that took place was not an officer-involved shooting. CBS News confirms that the person died.


Fox News reporting 1 dead in tonight’s protests in Charlotte


Same could be said about you. You are pointing the finger from the sideline and what do you have to show? To my knowledge, your criticizing me for criticizing somebody else.

A little about me, I’m the oldest of 3. When my brother was out in jail at 11, I was 13 and I helped carry this family. My dad left when I was 16 and I took responsibility of this family. My sister has Down syndrome, which I have been there for her countless of times for her doctors visits, etc.
I also teach at my church. I have s bachelors degree about to get my 2nd one. I am going to school at a catholic university to get a theology degree.
Not once have I been suspended, never have I done drugs. Never have I started a fire. And I have only been pulled over 3 times. No criminal record, nothing.

So yeah, I have a lot of good records on my persona. Thank you very much.


The Boston Globe is reporting 7 more police officers injured tonight in Charlotte. Watching the livefeed on RT right now. Riot police with shields standing in formation with a small crowd in front of them.


Now it’s being reported that the person who was shot, is still alive but on life support


They act as though anyone should just be able to do whatever they feel like. They’re really not being very respectful at all.


Yes I agree a Nation Wide Education Commercial needed to explain what a Motorists should do when stopped by a police officer. This said when a Person reaches for his car registration and insurance in the glove compartment, the police officer heart begins to beat
faster. If cars would make a sleeve on the dash board where the registration and insurance card could fit, it would lower suspicion that he’s not reaching for a weapon.
It still does not fix police profiling an erratic motorist behavior as a threat to pull his weapon.


If you watch the large number of videos coming out of Charlotte, these are no longer protesters, but violent criminal thugs who need to be locked up fast.


Weak? Yes

The National Guard should be on top of square one of these now frequent riots … hammering the riots to a quick stop.
A strong nationally broadcast message of condemnation from the president of the USA is in order…but isn’t happening.

The message from the head of the fish is stinking loud and clear.


Former Mayor Giuliani was asked what he would have done in N.Y. with the riots.

He said there wouldn’t be any riots because the first protesters who threw a rock or bottle at the cops would have been arrested on the spot before the protest could get out of hand!


I am becoming more and more convinced that this riot is being influenced by outside agitators. A careful review of the crowd scene photos and video footage feature a fairly strong contingent of Caucasian “protesters.” They seem to be able to travel with the pack unharmed, but how does that work when we also see footage of isolated whites being beaten and kicked, white reporters being knocked down and threatened, as well as of white people trapped in their vehicles being terrorized. Who are these white “brothers and sisters”? Why does the footage of the front line “protesters” seem to show a certain tactical calculation. Men and women in masks (why?), some of whom have graying hair. Notice the backpacks. Notice the preparation (I’ve seen footage of folks who have milk on hand to use for people who are blinded by the tear gas). Notice how a single line of one or two large men try to penetrate the police cordon thereby opening a hole when the police are forced to break their line to attend to the penetration. That kind of behavior is not the act of impulse, it’s the act that betrays a certain amount of training in urban combat techniques. Massive arrests need to be made – massive – so that the police can sort out the folks who are acting on impulse and the folks who are being paid to be there. and, as far as rioting, burning and looting is concerned, I say, throw the book at them – minimum one year in prison per incident – minumum. Get these feral animals off the street!




Can you imagine if whites did this? The cops, National Guard, whatever, wouldn’t hesitate to kill each and every one.

I’m sick of the double standard, and I’m sick to death of thugs.


:hmmm: Let’s see here. Now, what was that phrase that Hilary called Trump supporters? Wait…it’ll come to me…oh yeah, *“basket of deplorables” *…right!: :whistle::

Peace, Mark


Ugly scenes emerged from Wednesday night’s rioting in Charlotte, including Twitter video of a white man being beaten and dragged by a mob, and the brother of the black man whose death in a police shooting touched off protests telling media that all white people are “devils.”


Watching the live feed on RT right now, and the mob has shut down a highway despite the presence of the National Guard. Tear gas and rubber bullets being used I believe.


I don’t understand. Isn’t there a curfew? Why are all these people including the media wandering around? Arrest them all.

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