RIOTS HIT CHARLOTTE: At least 12 cops injured in protests after officer-involved shooting death of black man


Curfew starts at midnight.


My friends feel perfectly safe walking about Charlotte unarmed as normal. The violence in these videos are a performance for the news cameras.

However, if there were actual riots in Charlotte, they could carry any weapon they choose and still walk safely through the streets. North Carolina is an open carry state and you can walk down the sidewalk with any firearm you like.


Given the size of the city, this is likely true. Baltimore was largely safe in most of its areas. The area with the rioters however, got destroyed, and the fact that much of the city was safe didn’t save the businesses that were destroyed. Once those same businesses leave the city (most have in Bmore), there will be cries of racism or undue fear, but why would anyone invest their time and money into a dead end like Baltimore these days?


70% of the “protesters” arrested are not from Charlotte according to police spokesman, Todd Walther…

Interview with Todd Walther and CNN’s Erin Burnett here:


I apologize for sending the previous link, I didn’t vet it thoroughly before sending. I thought it was just a screen save from the CNN interview. I didn’t realize that there was commentary at the back end of the clip by some conspiracy yahoo. That being said, I think the interview stands on its own; please disregard the editorial commentary that follows.



Good luck with that. Trying to assert your rights is considered “contempt of cop”, most LEOs consider the Constitution something to wipes their butt with.

Example: a cop comes up and asks what are you up to? This is a “voluntary stop” you have no obligation to answer, you have every right to walk away. But if you try the officer will then consider this suspicious behavior demand ID, &c. If you ask “Am I being detained?” he’ll probably ask “what are you a [expletive] lawyer?”

Example: a cop says you don’t mind if I search your car, or backpack or whatever. If you refuse to consent to the search, good luck. If you’re in a car you’ll probably be held until they can get a drug dog out.

Most of all police hate being questioned or monitored. Dashcams and body cams have been brought in over police protests and a lot of jurisdictions (including NC) have passed laws to exempt dashcam and bodycam from Freedom of Information requests. As law and order types like to say, if you didn’t do anything wrong, what are you worried about?


True? They found the deceased’s fingerprints on the gun?


This was the same sentiment that was expressed in the 1950s and 1960s over the civil rights protesters. But there is nothing illegal or immoral about people from outside of Charlotte joining the protest. There is nothing illegal or immoral about planning strategies, as long as those strategies do not include illegal activities. But you seem to be saying that the mere fact of being from out of town, or being white, or being something other than spontaneous is a crime and should be reason enough to lock people up. It is not.


I believe August was talking about the riots. That is not protesting peacefully, that is looting and destroying private property (businesses). That is criminal. Many of those folks were not from Charlotte.


I just spoke with a good friend whose son is a Charlotte cop. He told her that a group came in from wherever, starting the rioting and then left. Take it for what it’s worth. Smells like George Soros group to me.

So many were upset, as was I, that David Duke endorsed Trump, where are all the hews and cries about Soros doing everything he can to incite unrest in the country?


I have watched the video, over and over the police tell him to do something and he refuses. Without more its hard for me to know what the cops should have done. But one thing I do know is they have every right to return home to their family. Look up Kyle Dinkheller, if officer made to major mistakes, when the Brannan first put his handing into his pockets, the officer should have shot him dead after Brannan refused to remove his hands out of his pockets. The next mistake was when Brannan went back to his truck. the officer should have shot him right then and there no exception. Once the hands can not be viewed, the officer should assume there is a gun. Give one and only one order, if ignored, shot to kill.

Had Dinkheller done just that he might be home today with his family.


And Keith Lamont Scott had a history of violent behavior.


On the basis of the video and his wife’s testimony, the shooting of Keith Scott was INEXCUSABLE on the part of the police officers, as well as the possible cover-up. However, rioting, including the destruction of property and harming and potentially killing innocent people, is NEVER justified. Peaceful protest and fighting the system in a legal and civil manner are ALWAYS the better way.


I’ve been stopped on the street twice by police in my life and searched and frisked once.

I did as I was told, obeyed all the police commands given (including stay there and don’t move; I didn’t move 1 inch) and then was told I was free to go after about 30 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.

It seems like there are a lot of people who want to play games with or act smart with police; we saw that en masse with all the folks who protested all night and then decided to break the curfew in North Carolina.

I understand that dealing with people like that is part of the job of a police officer, but people should do themselves a favor and just obey the police commands and not act like a cowboy and make a big deal about it and they’ll survive.

If you feel like you have been treated unjustly afterwards, you can always file an officer complaint afterwards or hire an attorney.


Every reputable legal advice site or publication will tell you that when dealing with police, always be polite, and never behave in an aggressive manor, BUT when questioned about your comings and goings, it is always best to answer “I’m sorry officer, it’s nothing personal, but I’am going to remain silent”. And never ever give police permission to search anything. If they do search anyway, do not resist, but make sure all present know that this is a non-consensual search. But don’t take my word for it, look online for yourself.


This is good, common sense advice. But at the same time, not following this advice should never be taken as an excuse for police misbehavior.


Wow, we need to have you involved in all courts cases. Just think of all the money the states could save just by getting your opinion. Youre like a legal enrico fermi. With very little information youre able to determine who was right and who was wrong.


The Charlotte police chief says the shooting video won’t be made public.


Also the people involved in the shooting need to just go to prison. Why even have a trial?


Since when are one’s opinions not permitted on CAF? The video is quite telling if you view it at face value and suspend your prior beliefs for a moment.

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