RIP Jesse Helms

Firday July 4th Former Senator from North Carolina Jesse Helms passed away Peacefully at the age of 86.A very controversial figure even I didnt always agree with but here are a few things I did agree with him on. Every year he put out a bill to do away with National Endowment for the Arts, a waste of time agency funding anti Christian bigotry. Always sposoring bills to make abortion illegal or take away abortion funding. One thing he did that all parents every have to thank him for is never allowing the United Nations convention on the rights of the child to come up for a vote where it would of easily passed. If inacted would of basically banned parental control over one’s own children. Thankyou Mr Helms and may you rest in peace.:o

My condolences to his family and friends…

May he rest in peace.

I’m not sure where I saw it, I think it was a local newspaper and a an ISP,that called Jesse Helms, a divider.That is mean and wrong. He fought against things that would divide families. He held firm in his beliefs. So Rest In Peace Senator. Condolences to his family.

One hopes he repented of some of the more hateful and unchristians things he said and did, particularly about Americans of African descent.

May God forgive him and grant him the peace and understanding that eluded him in life.

Did you ever see pictures of his campaign or senate staff? They did include blacks.

Yeah, but they were Republican African-Americans, and so they’re sell-outs who betrayed their own people. Don’t you keep up with Democratic Party talking points?

Senator Helms certainly was a mixed bag, but so are we all. Rather than not-so-slyly implying he was a racist who might be in Hell, the proper reponse is a prayer for the repose of his soul.


– Mark L. Chance.

Senator Helms was ardently pro-life all of his career and did much to further AIDS relief in Africa. He was controversial, no doubt. But he did much good. May God grant him peace.

yes I am. I was also correcting someone’s idea he was an ardent racist which he was not. In my original post I was showing some of the good he did including a big piece of good no one else would do. im pretty sure being a Catholic board someone will eventually mention his being a 32nd degree Mason. no one is perfect , but some do more good than others, For those who want to talk race, please remember Robert Byrd is a former KKK grand dragon and he is Democrat. Mr Helms was a southerner of his time, with some extra good added.

I don’t think Sen. Byrd held a high office in the Klan, but certainly he was active in it.

I agree with Mark, we are all mixed bags of good and not-so-good actions. There is little point in speaking ill of the dead. May God recieve Jesse Helms with the same mercy I pray He will show to me.

Helms may have repented some of his worst sins late in life. We can only hope so. But I can remember his foul tirades against black children and other blacks who only wanted to be able to vote and to live like other Americans.

They should ask their parents if it would be all right for their son or daughter to marry a Negro.
– In response to Duke University students holding a vigil after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, 1968

(on second thought, citing some of his opinions would get me in trouble here)

Suffice to say that Helms might have been kind to puppies, but he was also capable of the appalling evil.

Let’s hope he repented and made peace with God in the end.

Incidentally, I’m not all that fond of Byrd either, although he seems to have been a lot less enthusiastic in his racism than Helms.

Problem is no one can verify this quote. It orginally appeared in the North Carolina Progressive ,a far left wing web site. Helms denied he ever said it and the North Carolina Progressive can offer no proof he did. That of course does not keep people like you from using the quote to slime him

I recommmend that people google the quote-you will see that each and every site that uses it attributes it to the North Carolina Register who can not offer prrof of it.

Jesse Helms was one of a dying breed. We was against abortion and so am I. He was against the homosexual lifestyle and gay marriage and so am I. There were those things we believe in and Helms was there with us:thumbsup:

He was on the wrong side of history as far civil rights is concerned, But he was dead on right on many other issues ,abortion being the most prominent.

Sen. Jesse Helms said Wednesday he was ashamed he had not done more to fight the worldwide AIDS epidemic and promised to keep it on his agenda until he leaves office next year.“I have been too lax too long in doing something really significant about AIDS,” Helms told hundreds of Christian AIDS activists gathered for a conference in Washington. “I’m not going to lay it aside on my agenda for the remaining months I have” in office.

Feburary 2002.

One of the main reasons is that not enough money has been spent on preventing transmission to these most vulnerable victims. Fortunately help is now coming from a most unexpected source. Writing in Sunday’s Washington Post, Senator Jesse Helms, long deemed public enemy No. 1 by AIDS advocates, said that he would ask for an extra $500 million to prevent mother-to-child transmission of AIDS overseas, contingent on matching funds from the private sector.

‘‘Some may say that this initiative is not consistent with some of my earlier positions,’’ wrote Mr. Helms. But he continued, ‘‘in the end our conscience is answerable to God. Perhaps, in my 81st year, I am too mindful of soon meeting Him, but I know that, like the Samaritan traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho, we cannot turn away when we see our fellow man in need.’’ There are many in Congress who have talked about adding money to President Bush’s shamefully tight-fisted budget for combating AIDS overseas, but nothing can match the impact of these words from Senator Helms.

NYT Editorial march 22, 2002

So was Hitler, BTW. He was an animal lover too, especially dogs (puppies). Is this your only prequisite for support? :shrug:

Wow! It only to to 14 post for the Hitler card to be played!

He was against abortion, I think not. Granted I really didn’t want to have another post to continue the Hitler topic in this thread, since this has nothing to do with him.

Actually Hitler was against abortions, for healthy Aryan women in fact it was punishable by death in extreme cases, now those less than “humans” in his book, it was encouraged and even forced on since they were little more than animals. He also was against prostitution, homosexuality and believed in a strong family. He was very conservative in his morals which were one of the reasons why many people responded to him after the moral depravity of the twenties.

Now do I think Helms was as bad as him or should be compared to him.

NO and I will happily say a prayer for the repose of his soul.

Did you read the initial post of this thread by me? Doesn’t right to life count, doesn’t NEA count? Doesn’t UN convention on the rights of the child count? In importance " racism" doesnt hold a candle to that for me. Amazing to me a Catholic would put racism in front of those very important current issues.

Helms fought with all his might against allowing blacks to vote. He assailed “race mixing” (allowing blacks to attend school like everyone else), and he strenuously attacked anti-lynching laws.

Whatever good he might have done late in life does not erase the evils he committed against millions of American men, women, and children.

If he repented his life’s work at some point, God bless him. I sincerely hope that he did.

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