RIP Lolo (grandma)


i know that ive had somelame intentions before but this is solid! my gradnmother just paassed away a few hours ago…so jsut …you guys know what to do.

tahnk you much!


May eternal rest be granted to her, O Lord.

Just curious–are you Filipino?


Divine Mercy chaplet and daily Mass tomorrow for the repose of Lolo’s soul.


I’ll be praying for the repose of Lolo’s soul. :highprayer:


Eternal rest grant unto her O, Lord and may perpetual light shine upon her…


Praying for the repose of Lolo’s soul.:gopray2:


:signofcross: :gopray:


Praying for the repose of your grandmother’s soul - and peace and comfort for the entire family. Amen.


Praying for the repose of her soul, and comfort for your family.


yes i am (only half though)

her name isnt lolo (thats tagalog for grandmother)just to let you all know


May the angels lead her into Paradise:
May the Martyrs receive her as she arrives and take her into the Holy city of Jerusalem.
May the choirs of Angels receive her.
and may she, with the once poor Lazarus, have eternal rest.

From the Gregorian Requiem Mass




Ah, thought so. Anyway, the correct word is lola. Lolo is the Tagalog word for grandfather.


I will pray for her soul.


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