RIP Madeline L'Engle

Madeline L’Engle has passed away.

Awwww… she was one of my favorites as a kid!!! She will be missed. I will remember her in my prayers tonight. And I will remember to thank God for her tonight too.

May the love of Christ surround her.

Oh…this makes me so sad. Her books were some of my childhood favorites, ones I look forward to passing on to my children. :frowning:

God rest her soul. I love her books and have enjoyed introducing my children to them.

That is sad news but i feel certain that her soul is rejoicing with the Lord now.

My favorite book of hers was A Swiftly Tilting Planet. That was a book i continued to enjoy as an adult. Though it has been a while now. Perhaps i should re-read it soon.

I was just sorting books yesterday and set the Wrinkle In Time series aside in the Keeper pile… :frowning:

Rest in peace, Madeleine.

I just saw that article. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord…

May she rest in peace. I’m sad that I’ll never get to meet her (in this life). I used to live in New Jersey, and would occasionally visit the Cathedral of St. John the Divine–I remember wishing there was some non-obnoxious way of meeting her, but I never made the effort. Oh well, I did see Chaim Potok (another of my favorite contemporary writers) before he died, though I didn’t get a chance to talk to him beyond giving him a book to sign.


aww… :frowning: She is one of my all time favorite authors. I end up re-reading her books on a fairly regular basis.

That’s sad! I loved the Wrinkle in Time series as a kid.

Bittersweet news. She is missed, but oh the joy she must have at adventuring now far beyond even her imagination.

I loved her Time Trilogy and it’s follow-on featuring the twins, Many Waters. Too bad the TV movie of Wrinkle in Time didn’t get more press, it was pretty good as I recall.

And one of my treasured books:

Weird…as I saw this thread, I was listening to Neil Young’s song “Harvest Moon”, which has lots of imagery about county night-times…and many of my favorite scenes from L’Engle’s books were such scenes, many of which were in the “Wrinkle” series.

God rest and keep her safe.

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