RIP Sherriff Taylor/BenMatlock

TV icon Andy Griffith has passed away:

God Bless and thank you.

Another one gone :frowning:
So sad, I grew up with the Andy Griffith show. “The Sharrif without a Gun”
Imagine… a show with peace obtained without violence, people helping their neighbors, people knew right from wrong etc…

R.I.P. Andy Griffith and thanks for the memories!

God bless him. Thanks for the memories. The theme song is stuck in my head now. (But, it is better than the last two songs I had stuck on replay in my mind, so…)


So sad. A great man and a great actor. He’ll be missed.

As there is justice, I have no doubt Griffith is in Hell. Mayberry was a racist, Jim Crow dream. A Southern town where blacks were not only second-class, but were virtually non-existent.

Fans of this show should be ashamed.

Loved both shows, loved him as an actor. May he rest in peace.

Sad news but glad he lived a long life. I certainly did enjoy his work.

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