RIP thread killing thread. Slain by Titivillus, June 25, 2025, just before its second birthday

Welcome to the Threadkiller Support Group. :no_mouth:

Have you regularly posted on some thread or other and the conversation just stops dead? You’re pretty sure that your reply wasn’t so dreadful that everyone retired to the fainting couch … and it wasn’t so marvelous that people just stopped talking so they could sit there and admire it for a while. It was just a normal reply, so you think.

(Unless, of course, we are weird and too weird to know it! :upside_down_face: )

All you did was post, and no one replies, ever, ever, again.

Here we can 12-Step our way to figuring out why every thread we touch surely dies. :thinking: :sweat: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :zipper_mouth_face:



Where did everybody go? :sob:


It’s happened before ,I think of it as just kind of funny
‘Oh,where did everyone go?I must be late to the party’


I thought no one would notice the effect I’ve often had in the old CAF. Sometimes somebody asks a question and the thread rolls around until there is an answer. My most usual impact is – nothing – nobody replies to my comment, it’s like I’m invisible.


I don’t know if I’m a threadkiller, but I do suffer from Post Acknowledgment Anxiety (henceforth known as PAA). Whenever I post, I keep checking back every few minutes to see if anyone has replied or given me a “like.”
PAA is taking over my life! :pensive::sob:


Uh Huh,No what you mean. Sometime I think Oh, it must be dinner time, no can’t be that, I didn’t start dinner yet. Then I think oh no, I was in a hurry and it came out in my South Philly accent. and everyone scattered…Of course it wasn’t my nice informative post::clown_face::clown_face:


My responses are so powerful that they change lives and people have nothing else to say. Thus, the Thread is finished.


:grin:…thought you ended the thread there,didn’t you?


I channel the Desert Southwest Father, Chuck Norris, in my posts.
Hence my posts are un-repliable.

In the Beginning all was chaos, and God created the world.

But Chuck Norris had created the chaos.


The Old Maid,you may have created another never ending thread! Congratulations :sweat_smile:


I thought you were talking about someone
perhaps complaining to a moderator and the thread gets shut down. I have been noticing lately some threads only last 4 days and under.
Very suspicious.


I love it when I have the last word before a thread is closed. It doesn’t happen often though.


I think happened once to me in a super controversial thread. I felt an immense sense of accomplishment. All would see that I had the last word.

Although I don’t think I was actually engaging with the actual topic on that thread. :no_mouth:


But here I am replying to your post. Like a good cat totally-not-cat human, I like making you realize that you aren’t that important being funny like that.

I had a good chuckle when the World Cup thread got locked shortly after England lost. I guess a mod took that loss hard.


Who needs moderator status? I can shut this thread down just by posting in it! :lock:


Nice lock emote :wink:


It’s happened, certainly. I would prefer for discussions to go on for longer. Sometimes, one is having a conversation only for everything to either close down, for reasons unknown, or, other contributers, having been seemingly into the debate, all-of-a-sudden, simply stop posting. Bewildering. Sometimes, in the really real world, people do have a tendency when talking, to skip between subjects, to and fro - natural to some degree - and yet, on an online forum, what can be the reason?


I often hesitate to post on a thread, wondering if what I want to say would be stupid or unhelpful. And then, when I finally work up the nerve to say it, the thread is either dead or the conversation evolved to the point where the point I wanted to make is no longer relevant. As in, I respond to post 50 in a 283 post thread.


Many’s the time I’ve written out a carefully worded response, and then thought twice and deleted it before ever posting. Other times, I write what I consider to be an amazing post :roll_eyes: of great wisdom and significance :roll_eyes:, and when I return to CAF the thread has either been locked or completely disappeared.


In the old CAF system, it was easier for me to do this, but one time I paged through the threads I had posted in over the previous six months and saw that mine was the final post in roughly half of them. :flushed:

I hadn’t even realized I was a threadkiller.


I had a post that was heading upwards of 25 likes (and towards a badge). Then the thread was deleted. :angry:

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