RIP to my rosary


OK, this is my vent thread. I’ve just had a tough week and the icing on the cake is that my favorite rosary is broken:( A bunch of us were going to say the Divine Mercy chaplet yesterday and I was taking my rosary out of its special pouch only to find broken string and beads flying everywhere. It was a beautiful crystal rosary I had bought when I was in Austria over the summer.

It’s not the only issue though. Starting last week, a couple of my friends have told me that I’m doing too much and that they’re afraid of me burning out by the time I turn 19. One of them is worried that I’m spreading myself too thin and told me that he’s afraid of me having a nervous breakdown. This same friend knew something else was really eating at me and I finally confided that two years ago, I escaped from what could have been a scary situation (while sobbing in his arms), which I’m now being forced to deal with because of my work. My girl friends are very supportive of me and have been praying over me and helping me, while this particular guy has been very loving, giving me hugs and letting me know that it wasn’t my fault, that he’s proud of me for keeping my wits and getting out and that he was honored that I chose to confide in him (I hadn’t told anyone before I confided in him and another good friend). I was especially afraid of telling him because I know how protective he is around girls and how he worries (then I realized, this is why!) But all he said to me at first was, “Look at me, breathe in, hold it, breathe out.” Also, about my rosary (he’s Catholic too), he reminded that it’s not the beads, it’s the prayers that matter. Another girl friend just told me to get sleep (I’m finally quitting the insomniac lifestyle) and texted me to let me know she was praying for me. I’m finally starting to deal with things instead of brushing them aside and putting on a happy face like I used to

I know I’m blessed to have good friends in my life (and they’ve all helped me through a lot). I also know that God is really working on me. Thanks for listening (reading).


Wow. Sounds like you’ve had a tough go of it for awhile. You’re so lucky to have amazing friends like that! I dunno if I know anyone who would be like your friends for me.
I know what you mean about the icing on the cake… it’s not so much that a rosary broke, which in itself is not a huge deal, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. One last bad thing which just pushes you over the edge and has you crying in somebody’s arms. :rolleyes: I’m sure you know that logically, yes, it’s the prayers that matter, and it can be fixed, etc., but it’s still so sad that it happened!
Hugs all around, and I hope you have a better week, with your great friends!


Life in the 21st Century is hectic and stressful. When I see photos in magazines of sheepherders in 3rd world countries, I sometimes think it would be nice to live like that. At least I’d have time to read some good books.

Set limits on what you try to do. Don’t try to do it all. If you’re exhausted, perhaps a nap would be better for your soul than praying the Rosary. Our Lady will gladly wait until you feel better.

Sounds like that male friend who comforted you is a good guy.

God bless, and take it easy once in a while.

  • Rob in Oregon


I can understand the Rosary thing. I have a Rosary that I bought at a mission church in California and absolutely loved it. However, it started breaking after about 6 months. I learned how to fix it so that it wouldn’t break easily. It was a very good and calming experience to rebuild my Rosary in a fashion that wouldn’t break.


Prayers and cheers. :wink:


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