RIP TV'S Batnan -- Adam West Dead at 88

May he rest in peace.


Praying for the repose of his soul & for his family.

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In his honor, there should never be another Batman movie made. Ever. Ever.


:bat: Shining the Bat signal in memory of Mr. West.

Obviously suggested in a tongue in cheek manner but honestly it would be good to have a rest from the Dark Knight on the screen for a bit, but that’s unlikely given he is a cash cow of major proportions.

Very sad news.

Adam West made that part what it was. He could be in on the camp, and yet brought a gravitas to the part that the kids picked up on and admired. Like all good fantasy, the larger characters showed us parts of ourselves we need to be aware of and guard against, such as pride and avarice. In Batman and Robin we saw goodness and comradeship, delight in helping others, and true humility. Yup, they don’t make even good camp anymore. RIP Adam West and thank you for giving us a character to remember and love.

I wouldn’t mind a complete moratorium on all superhero movies for a while, but then Hollywood would go bankrupt in short order. (I mean monetarily bankrupt, as they’ve already shown themselves to be creatively bankrupt for some time.)

Logan was the last one I saw that actually impressed me, but honestly that was really more of a western with fantasy and sci-fi elements than a standard superhero movie. Also that one was er, interesting. The audience I was watching with were about 15 to 20 years younger than me and they plainly were expecting something else and some were plainly bored silly by it.

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