Ripples of Sin

How can I accept the reality of sin? We have repentance. Sins damage us sometimes irreparable ways. I find it a little saddening. You cannot change the past. Surely I should not have said certain things or done certain things. I had the choice not to. I am only human still. Is it possible to completely stop sinning? Over time things are forgotten. Some things are permanently changed. What to do?

Oh,Lord,I trust in thy great mercy and hopeful of thy promise of eternal lifeā€¦:pray:

You stumble, fall, repent and learn.
This stumbling block, through true repentance can become a building block,
we are never to forget our sins because if we did, it would open us up to repeating them.
We must trust the Lord in that when He hears our confession, He not only forgives but gives,
He gives you knowledge and strength to help you avoid such things again,
He gives them not as punishment but as guidance, you can be sure of that.

Have a read of this it may help.
The Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous

Hope it helped.

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